Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ice Snowflake Five-Point Star Gift Card Box

Five points instead of the usual six,
this snowflake box can be filled with a gift goodies,
or hold a gift card on the included optional platform,
or be used as a standing or nail/hook hanging decoration.
It measures approx. 8" wide x 7.5" side to side x 1.75" deep.

Elegant snowflake decorates the top,
with plenty of scope for jewels or studs.
Cut file includes a rim snowflake shape
that can be added as optional contrast
or used to cut double-sided adhesive 
for applying glitter.

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A lid star shape
B snowflake accent shape
C rim accent shape 
      (here cut from dbl side adhesive)
D lid boxing strips
E base star shape
F base boxing strips
G stabilitzer/platform strips
H gift card insert

2. Prepare the LID boxing strips by folding the top tabs and lower edge rim tabs back (mountain folds), and by folding on short vertical perforations to match the star contour, i.e. back at points, forward at inner angles.

NOTE that the top tab ends are shaped with more notched away for the points.

3. Begin with the longest boxing strip. Fold the center for a point, the side perforations outward for the angle, tab back for a point.

4. Select a point of LID star shape to be the TOP of the lid. Line up the point perforation of the strip at that point, also line up a tab with the star straight edge on one side of the point (sample will be attaching the left-of-point tab first).

Apply adhesive to the tab, position star straight edge over tab to line up exactly with perforation line, adjust to make sure ends are aligned accurately. Hold to join.

It will be helpful to turn the assembly face down on a flat surface to press the tab from the backside to help it attach securely and smoothly.

(NOTE in this picture the sticky-note that was attached with "LID" notation onto the back of the lid star shape as it was removed from the cutting mat, just to avoid confusion and mixup between the lid and base star shapes. FYI, lid is slightly larger than base.)

5. Position, adjust and attach the remaining tabs to corresponding edges for the first strip.

6. Identify the strip to be joined to the end of the first strip (sample will be working counter-clockwise) by matching the tiny symbols cut into the tabs near the ends. In this case, it is a circle cutout that matches.

Overlap the straight edge to the tab perf line, adjust so that tab perforation lines align precisely, then hold to secure the joint.

7. Continue working as previously described to align and attach each segment of the second strip.

8. Join the third strip end to the second strip end and continue to attach segments.

When you get to the final segment to be joined into place . . . 

. . . prepare to also attach the ends in the same operation, tucking the end tab behind the first strip's straight edge and joining.

9. Fold the LID rim edge tabs back to the inside and glue in place.

10. Repeat the assembly process for the BASE in the same fashion as for the LID.

11. These next 3 steps will describe the process for applying and adding glitter with the snowflake rim accent shape. The shape can also be cut from glitter card stock, or any other contrast paper of choice.

Remove the (yellow) back liner from the cut shape.

12. Carefully apply the sticky-backed rim shape over the face side of the snowflake shape, matching edges of both as exactly as possible.

13. Remove the top (white) liner to expose the sticky top surface.

14. Place the snowflake accent on a protective paper liner that will help capture excess glitter. Apply glitter to the sticky rim.

Remove excess glitter from the snowflake front surface by brushing away with a soft bristle dry paint brush.

15. Apply adhesive of choice to the backside of the snowflake. Position over the LID front, adjust for centering and margin at edges, then attach.

It will be helpful to turn the assembly face down on a smooth flat surface to apply pressure to the snowflake area from the back/inside of the lid.

16. Prepare the optional stabilizer/platform strips by bending at all perforations as "mountain" folds. Small connector tabs will also fold back slightly, but will extend away from the strips ring.

17. Join the two strips together, then attach into a pentagon ring by overlapping straight end to perf line of opposite tabs.

18. Position the ring inside the BASE with the ring segments extending between the inner angle points. Tabs should extend and line up with the flat surfaces of the nearly boxing backside. and the platform should seat completely down against the backside of the star shape.

Glue the tabs in place.

19. Prepare the optional gift card insert by folding all segment outer tabs back (mountain folds). Also fold point corner tabs back.

20. Join the seams at the corner points by overlapping each straight end over the corresponding tab perforation line.

Slip the gift card into the corner curve slots.

Place the insert into the BASE. 

NOTE that the split in the insert "boxing" at star inner angles will allow it to be positioned and pushed completely down into place.

Place the lid over the base to close the box.

Add other decorations to the lid and snowflake as desired.

The sample is being decorated with square clear jewels at point openings, also near center, with a flower jewel at center.

Here is the completed box.

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