Monday, March 27, 2017

Egg Ornaments for Display Stand

Nothing is more fun at Easter than a little "pattern play".
Search your "stash" or go shopping for more coordinated
prints or solids, then create your own DOZEN egg ornaments
to dangle from the Egg Tree display stand for holiday decorating.
Embellish with found objects or snippets, photos, charms,
children's artwork, splatter or finger painted sheets, and more.
Use as a "count off" to Easter, or just as colorful decor accent.
Plain egg shapes are attached to four different base shapes:
oval scallop, scallop sawtooth and squiggle. OR . . .
. . . here's another option: cut overlays from solids
(or solid-like prints), position, attach and trim to size
for even more variety on your Tree.
One cut file includes all four of the shapes shown here.
To see the tree display with the ornaments, go HERE!

1. Position selected, cut overlay over the "plain"
egg shape until the desired positioning is achieved.
Glue together the surfaces that overlap.
2. Trim away the excess overlay to match
the egg edges.
(NOTE this image shows the trimming being done
from the front of the assembly; it may be
easier to do with the assembly reversed
so that the complete egg shape can be viewed
and followed by the scissor blades.)
Here is the completed "squiggle" overlay egg.
Other overlays are assembled in
similar manner, as shown here.
3. For the overlay eggs and the regular print paper eggs
that are prepared for the "Egg Tree" design,
cut two base shapes (1 front, 1 back), then
layer with edges matched precisely and glue together.
4, The egg tags prepared for the Egg Tree display
will need to have twine or string loops attached
through the hang holes at top.
Here is a tip for preparing uniform loops with
tied knot and bow:
Use a dowel or large spoon handle as a form
to tie a length (approx. 9" suggested) of twine
around, knot and bow. Then slide the loop
off the end.
Here you can see the various style egg ornaments
as displayed on the Egg Tree.

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