Friday, February 23, 2018

Spring Wreath for Stand Assembly Guide

Two-layer thin petal daisy blossom 
has layered center. Create seven blossoms 
then position and attach to leaves base ring 
at guide punch marks with added leaves as desired. 
 Wreath measures approx. 10" in diameter. 

Sized to use with Wreath 3D Stand project. 
Change flower color to create white daisies, 
chrysanthemums, sunflowers, etc. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A leaf base and reinforcement layers (2-3)
B separate leaves (6-20 as desired)
C petals base layer
D petals top layer
E center base shape
F center      G contrast for center
2. Layer and glue leaf base shapes together,
taking care to line up cut edges as precisely
as possible. While glue is drying, it may be
helpful to place the base shapes under
a flat heavy shape to prevent warping or curling.
3. If desired, add a little dimension to center
of separate leaves by scoring a line down
the center of face side.
Bend the scored leaf slightly at the score line.
4. Position and attach leaf rounded end and
center crest in place over selected (or all)
corresponding leaf extensions of base shape.
NOTE: there will be a little offset between base
and leaf edges.
5. Add a little curl to the tips of flower layers
using a rod tool such as this spatula handle.
6. Layer the bottom and top petal layers with
center punch holes lined up, and rotated to
offset the petals as shown.
7. Layer the center unit by attaching center front
over contrast front, then centering and attaching
over the center base.
8. Locate the top of the wreath, where the inner
leaf extension has been left off,
between two punch circles that fall evenly
on each side of center.
9. Position each blossom unit centered over
punch holes, and glue in place.
Here is the completed wreath.
(Add the reinforcement ring build-up
on the backside of wreath, as described
for the winter wreath, as desired.)
Hang the wreath with the top position
over the double hook of stand.

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