Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Skeleton Dimensional Key


Five strata for each left and right assembly( (plus an extra center)
 are layered to build up the two-sided character of this spooky key. 
Use as part of an assemblage, an embellishment for Halloween cards 
or decor, or a decoration on its own. 
(If magic Santa Claus has a key to get into the house when he
can't come down a chimney, you gotta assume
the spooks have a key on Halloween night, too!)
Measures approx. 1.84” wide x 5.15” long x .2” thick 
when finished. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
for the right half 
(missing: 1 extra of first shape for center layer)
for the left half.
The layering steps will be shown for the right half.
Repeat the same process for the left half, up through
Step 6.

When layering, take particular care to line up ALL cut
edges as precisely as possible.

2. Layer some of the units:
A) long whole but offset layer onto main layer;
B) skull shapes layered;
C) 'bow' flourishes layered;
D) 'bolt' circles into one stack
3. Continue to layer onto the long central assembly:
E) shorter barrel onto long barrel assembly.
4. Complete the layering:
F) skulls on;  G) 'bow' flourishes on; 
H) lrg & sm collars accents on;
I) 'bolt' circles stack at base recess;
J) rectangle throating & K) bit overlay on.
NOTE: as layering progresses, either press the glued-up
stacks and units under a heavy flat weight such as
this fabric covered re-purposed weight machine bar,
or a heavy book or similar object, to assist until the assembly
is completely dry, and to help avoid warping and curling.
5. To help strengthen and provide a bit of
extra thickness, layer one of the half assemblies
over and attach to an extra whole layer
(this will strengthen the top ribbon loop).
6. Here are the left and right assembles, shown
from their face sides. To complete the assembly . . .
. . . reverse one of the assemblies to position and
attach the halves back to back.
7. Attach a ribbon loop as desired.
(The sample has a length threaded through
the top key loop, with twine wrapping as knot.)

Here is the completed skeleton dimensional key.

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  1. where do I get the patterns for these items? I have a Cricut Explore Air