Friday, April 10, 2015

French Pastry Cups & Picks

Delightfully festive for your Paris party fare!
Four different pick designs
that feature cut-out "windows"
with contrast "see-thru" designs of
fleur de lis, poodle, Eiffel Tower, and Oohlala!
Scallop base shapes, contrast interior offset circle,
back "bracket" strip with pick holes, and smaller back scallop
are all included with the cut file.
Pastry cup is shorter and broader than a regular
cupcake wrap cup.
Make your presentation extra fancy
by adding a double fan of pink netting
(that's what the "bracket" strip holds in place
between the scallop front & back shapes).

1. Prepare the pastry cup by bringing the "free" scallop end toward the attached end and overlap and match punch holes to form a ring. Glue the end scallop sections together.

2. Fold the tiny tabs upward from the cup base shape.

3. Push the cup base shape into position, to align each of the tabs behind a corresponding scallop section. Glue each tab in place.

4. Insert decorative mini brads into punch holes (or place studs over the holes).

Between the two design sets, there are four front panels to choose from. The Eiffel Tower design will be used to illustrate the assembly, but it is the same for all four.

5. Position the contrast circle behind the window cutout front design circle, center and glue in place.

NOTE that the contrast circle is slightly smaller than the design circle fronts.

6. Place the front circle assembly over the scallop circle base (pink in this sample), adjust so it is centered, and glue in place.

For the Eiffel Tower design, place the contrast cut heart over the corresponding silhouette on the front circle and glue in place.

The next few steps are for the optional netting double "fan" decoration.

7. Cut a section of netting approx. 6" wide x 18-20" long.

Thread a needle with strong thread.

Insert needle and thread through netting up-and-down at the center of bottom edge, then anchor the thread by tying a double knot. Clip tail short.

8. Thread the needle up the center of the netting strip down and up at approx. 1" intervals.

This image is showing the work being done on top of a gridded rotary mat. This can assist by providing a center guideline as the netting is kept aligned with the vertical grid lines. One inch stitches can also follow the 1" grid markings.

As the needle and thread stitches traverse the netting, a back-and-forth fan arrangement of the netting will be created.

9. Once the whole strip is gather-stitched, pull the gathers tight to form the relaxes fan stack. Anchor the stitching by taking a couple of final stitches through the top layers of netting, then pass the needle through the final stitch's loop to tie a knot. Clip tail short

At this point, the netting fan can be kept "relaxed" as it is, or it can be adjusted, with fan folds aligned more uniformly, and even pressed slightly with a med. hot iron. Once the pressing is done, be sure to disarrange the stack of folds into a fan.

10. Prepare the netting tab by folding the end tabs upward slightly, adding curl to the straight part between the end tabs.

11. Position the netting at the center back of the base scallop circle (make sure it is perpendicular to the design on the front). Place the tab across the center bulk, and glue ends in place on each side. Hold in place until secure.

(You may wish to apply glue to secure the netting in place, as well.)

12. Apply glue to the end of the pick, then insert the pick through the bottom hole of the netting tab. You may also want to glue the pick shaft in place below the tab.

(Make sure the pick is perpendicular to the front design before glue is secure.)

NOTE: If you are NOT using the netting fan, simply position and glue the pick at the center back of the main scallop circle.

13. Camouflage the netting attachment by positioning the back circle over the back, centered. Glue it in place to the high point of the netting tab.

NOTE:  if you are NOT using the netting fan, simply position and center the back circle, and glue in place, enclosing the pick between the two. 

All that is left to do now is to place your favorite french pastry into the cup and insert the pick.

Then, enjoy the festive feeling!

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