Friday, April 17, 2015

Mother Apron Easel Card Assembly Guide

Cheery Mother's Day easel card
features a detailed apron with ruffles,
neckline scallop, hem contrast, pockets,
ties and waist band.
"M-O-T-H-E-R" letters seam to float
behind (attached to a see-thru arch).
 Top layer of card folds near the middle 
to bring front bottom edge to rest behind 
the “stopper” half daisy for a display.
Fold flat to approx. 5x7 size for delivering.

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card front (includes slots and perf line)
B card back (includes daisy position perfs)
C apron shapes, including base shape if desired (the version shown uses coloration of base shape to show as contrast shoulder ruffles)
D sentiment placards & daisy center "stop"
(NOTE cut at least 4 flower center shapes to provide a better ridge to help easel function)
E MOTHER letter cutouts
F (white) letters positioning template
G clear arch panel

2. Fold the card front inward on midline perforation, also at top tab.

3. Apply adhesive, position tab perforation over back top (underside) edge, center side to side and glue in place. This prepares the easel card base as a complete shape.

4. Prepare to attach MOTHER letter cutouts to the clear arch panel by layering the panel over the positioning template with lower and side edges aligned exactly.

5. Apply appropriate adhesive (dry roller adhesive "tape" or similar recommended) to the bottom portions ONLY of each letter, then position on top of the clear panel with the upper letter shape edges lined up.

This image shows the completed clear panel with the letters all in place.

(Remove and discard the template.)

6. With the front of the card and the clear letters panel both facing forward, insert the bottom panel tabs into the card front slots.

Turn the assembly so the inside is visible . . .

. . . then apply appropriate adhesive between the tabs as they "point" downward to the bottom of the card front, and glue in place.

7. Prepare the apron applique by building on the base shape to position all components in their final layout.

Here, preliminary assembly is taking place. The "whole" base shape shows to the front as the shoulder ruffles. Pocket bands are attached to pocket base shapes. Apron waistband is attached to the tie streamer.

(The remaining shapes should be assembled to the base before attaching to card front in next step.)

8. Attach the apron applique assembly to the card front.

To provide separation between apron and clear panel, consider attaching some clear adhesive "foam" squares (two or three) to the center back of the apron.

Apply regular adhesive to the bottom portion of the apron, then position with hem edge at card front edge, centered from side to side, then apply pressure to lower portion, foam squares attachment area to secure.

When the card is closed, the top of the apron/clear panel will extend upward in front of the upper portion of the card front, as shown.

9. Layer the sentiment card.

10. Layer the half daisy petals shapes (centered with hole cutouts lined up), and join. Center and attach the half-circle flower middle shapes. 

As noted in the shapes layout descriptive text, it is recommended to cut 4-5 centers (yellow as shown here) then glue in a stack on the flower assembly to provide a better ridge to catch the easel edge when card is open.

Here is the card in its opened arrangement, with the front lower edge stopped behind the flower build up.

Here is the finished card,
in its opened presentation.
(Close the card flat for delivering.)

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