Friday, April 17, 2015

Ribbon-tied Cottage 3d Gift Box Assembly Guide

Give some home-made lovin’ 
in a treat box with heart windows on each end. 
Roof lid connects on one side along scallop eave edge, 
bends to open at center top. 
Line the heart cutouts with clear panels, 
thread ribbon through slots on floor panel, fill with goodies, 
wrap ribbon through roof slots and tie in bow at roof top. 
Measures approx. 4.5” tall x 5” wide x 3.125” deep. 

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A cottage front and back
B cottage sides/bottom
C (barely visible) clear squares (2)
D heart window accents
E roof
Also shown: ribbon length approx. 1 yd.

2. Prepare the sides shape by folding bottom tabs inward, cross perforation lines inward except scalloped eaves flange bends outward (shown on upper left of this shot).

3. Thread the ribbon through the bottom slots, center the length, and also center the ribbon in the slot.

On the inside, secure the ribbon in place with a little adhesive between the shape and ribbon.

3. Prepare the side shapes by folding all side and roof eaves tabs back.

6. Place double-sided clear adhesive tape on the edges of both window shapes. (Remove protective liner strips.) Position and attach the shape to cover the heart window opening, with the bottom edge approx. 3/8" above the bottom straight edge (to allow space to attach connecting tag in following steps).

NOTE: if you are unsure that your cutting tool will cut the clear window media that you have, you can cut a window template from regular cardstock, then use that to hand- or rotary-cut the squares.

7. Apply glue to the backside of the accent heart window shape, then position so that the inner edges line up and attach.

8. Position the bottom edge of the cottage side shape to overlap the bottom section long tab of the side shape, center and attach.

Repeat for the second side shape.

9. Bend the side edge into position so that each segment lines up with a tab perforation. Glue each segment in place.

Repeat this edge gluing for the remaining three side edges.

10. Locate the upper side edge that does not have a scallop flange. This is the opening side. Apply adhesive to the underside of the tab, fold to the interior of the cottage and glue in place.

11. Apply glue to the scallop flange, and the two adjacent house front/back flange tabs . . .

. . . then position one side of the roof so that the center scallop edges of each line up exactly. (See the next frame for info to help determine which half of the roof shape should be attached.)

Attach the front/back flange tabs also, taking care to center the roof side to side.

(See the next image for more on centering.)

A single hash cut is included on the roof shape near the ridge fold (on the half intended to be attached to the scallop flange) to assist with positioning.

12.  Finish the cottage by threading first end of the ribbon through the under-eave and roof slot, as shown here.

Also thread the opposite ribbon end through the roof slot (after contents are installed).

13. Pull the ribbon ends up so there is no slack, and tie knot and bow at the roof crest line.

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