Friday, April 10, 2015

Parisian Purse Gift Card Holder Assembly

Chic and practical at the same time!
This colorful and detailed "card" is actually
a cleverly disguised gift card holder.
Bottom-fold base has handle shapes attached with brads,
with an attached inside center flange with slot
that holds the gift card. Measures approx. 5.75" x 5.75".
Inside accent "purse" silhouette shapes
cover the attaching tabs. 
Outside, accent panels, fold-over strap and
corner "reinforcement" shapes give this card style.

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main purse base (front & back in one)
B back accent shape (with latch tab)
C front accent shape
D back center accent panel & corners
E front center accent panel & corners
F card holder flange with center slot
G interior accent shapes (2)
H brad cover circles (4)
I handle shapes (2)

2. Attach the outer accent shapes B - E to the main base A shape, with these considerations:
a) B & C shapes are offset in from the edges all around.
b) corner "reinforcement" shapes are NOT offset from base A edges. Also, D & E are NOT offset at top and bottom edges.

c) center latch cross strip area of C needs to be kept "un-glued" so the tab can slip under to close the purse. (But E can glue completely on top of C.

(This image is offered to help with the understanding that E can be glued completely on top of C.)

When gluing E in place, take care that the tab slot openings line up exactly with the corresponding openings of C. 

NOTE also that this image shows that E edges at top line up with the A base edge and at bottom with the A perforation/fold.

3. Prepare the card holder flange by folding it as shown:

center fold/slot = mountain fold
side folds = valley fold

4. Apply glue at the sides only of the center extension panels as shown. Then . . . 

. . . press the center flange panels together to form the "pocket" where the gift card will be inserted.

5. Apply glue to the tabs, then . . .

. . . place it on the inside of the A base assembly at the perforation. Adjust it side to side to make sure it is centered, then apply pressure to attach one tab to each half of the purse body shape.

It may be helpful, once the card flange is positioned and adjusted, to fold the card body assembly in half to provide an angle to press the tab perforations into.,

6. Position and attach the interior accent shapes, offset slightly inside the A edges, and covering the flange tabs at the center. Make sure that the brad handle hole punches line up exactly.

7. Position one handle shape over front of assembly, one over back of assembly. Insert mini brads in place (you may wish to glue the handle ends in place prior to attaching brads).

8. Position and glue a brad "cosmetic" cover circle over the brad prongs on the inside.

To use the card, simply insert the gift card bottom into the slot and between the layers of the "pocket" flange. Push it all the way in for a secure hold. Slightly more than half of the card will still be visible.

Here is a view of the completed card inside.

To close the card, bring the front and back halves together,
and slide the latch tab under the cross bar
and out again through the lower opening.


Front view, and . . .

. . . back view.

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  1. I made two of these yesterday and they came out AMAZING! Thank you so much for the fantastic design and clear tutorial :)