Friday, April 17, 2015

Hat Gift Card Holder Assembly Guide

Great choice for Mother’s Day giving, birthday, 
graduation, bon voyage, friendship, or for any reason. 
Bottom-fold card with top latch that folds 
and inserts into card back slots. 
Measures approx. 8.5” wide x 3.75” tall

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
(clockwise from upper left)
hat front base with rim accent
hat crown with hat band below
hat back
card holder flange below
decor flowers, leaves, tag

2. Prepare the hat front shape by folding the latch tab back.

3. Prepare the hat back by folding the short bottom edge tabs back.

4. Prepare to attach the back to the front by first applying adhesive to the face surface of the tabs, then . . .

. . . positioning the hat back so that the upper brim and crown edges of each line up, keeping the attaching tabs tucked under.

Apply pressure to the tab areas until they are securely attached to the backside of the hat front.

5. Prepare the card holder "flange" by folding back at the center "slot" side perforations, folding the bottom flange/tabs outward.

6. Open the card front and back and lay flat as shown.

Apply glue to the underside of the first card holder edge tab, then position it between the card back tabs with all tab top edges even. Apply pressure to secure.

7. Apply glue to the second card holder tab, also to the side edges only, as shown here.

Fold the card holder flange at the half perf lines and slot to bring the side edges together, the long side tab (shown here as the "bottom" of the card holder) attaching to the card back shape.

Crease lines of hat back and flange should line up.

Fold the card closed and apply pressure along bottom to secure the flange in place.

8. Decorate the front of the card by positioning crown shape, edge rim . . .

. . . crown band, layered flowers, leaves and tag. (Sample tag has a small eyelet attached at the punch hole.)

9. To prepare the card for delivering, insert the gift card into the slot and between the layers of the holder flange.

Only about half of the card will be visible once it is in place.

10. Close the card and secure it by bending/curling the latch tab to insert end under the latch "bar" on the card back.

Voila! Finished card.

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  1. awesome. going to use this file to make my mother a md card.