Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Gift Candle Jar Tote Assembly

Fancy-wrap a small 2.5" diameter jar candle (3.7 oz.) 
for holiday or hostess giving with this tray 
and window tote front/back enclosure. 
Assemble tote with tray, insert jar candle, 
then bring front and back panels together over jar top, 
bending slightly outward at perforations to bring 
top wall portions together. 
Insert front arch tab through opposite cut slot in back wall, 
then string twine or ribbon through punch hole pairs.
 String decoration shapes with layered tag, and tie bow.  
Measures approx. 2.5" wide x 6.5" when assembled and tied

If you prefer the "scented spheres" (Yankee Candle)
to wax wick candles, there is also a tote cut file for that
slightly larger jar. Embellishments from the
other candle tote designs work with this tote-only file.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A tote front with attached bottom
B tote back
C tray             D two-part tag
    E large and small leaf embellishment
2. Prepare front and back tote panels by
bending back (mountain folds) at bottom or
near bottom perforation lines.
Bend slightly forward at top header perforations.
3. Overlap the front panel's bottom straight edge
at the back's bottom tab flange and join seam.
4. Prepare the tray shape by bending back on all
perforation lines and panel or wall edges, tabs.
5. Bend side and front/back walls back to
bring corner seam edge and tab together
to complete seams.
6. Prepare to attach tray to inside face of
tote assembly by identifying the alignment
dash circle. Then . . .
. . . position the tray with circle opening and 
dash circle lines are aligned, and with arched side walls
are oriented toward side edges of tote.
Take care that tray side edges are parallel to
tote side edges, and . . . 
. . . that front and back panels can bend into
position appropriately, then attach the tote
securely to bottom only of tote assembly.
7. Place the candle jar in the tray . . . 
. . . bring the top header edges together
while inserting the front tab into the back slot . . .
. . . with top edges and hole punches lined up,
and attach half-circle tab in place, as well
as applying a little adhesive to hold header
surfaces together above perforation line.
Here is the completed tote.
8. Embellish as desired, such as positioning
the leaf stems between the punch holes
and gluing stems in place.
Cut and thread a narrow ribbon length through
punch holes, stringing tag on, then tying
in knot and bow.
Here is the finished autumn leaves tote.
Holly leaf and snowflake embellishments,
and others, can be similarly attached.

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