Sunday, November 12, 2017

Pumpkin Choc Square Placecard

Perky little autumn pumpkin place card 
or table decoration will brighten an autumn 
or Thanksgiving feast table. 
Pumpkin measures approx. 3.73" tall x 3.5" wide 
when its "self-platform" connected strip is folded 
and attached (cut two across on 8.5x11 card stock). 
Choose from two different leaf and vine versions, 
each with stem "registration" end to glue between 
front and back pumpkin layers. 
Punch-hole oval name tag can accept 
a mini grommet accent. 
Front panel window lets the Ghirardelli chocolate square 
or other appropriately sized candy peek out 
(inner platform is approx. .7" deep). 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main pumpkin shape with attached platform
B up-swirl leaf & vine
C down-swirl leaf & fine
D optional oval name tag
2. Prepare the main shape by bending
on the platform perforations as shown
in this diagram.
Mountain fold means "backsides together"
Valley fold means "front sides together"
Also note the tiny symbols on the diagram
and on the cut shape that will indicate which
"margins" or narrow wall panels will be
joined during the assembly.
When the main shape is assembled,
here is a side view of how the folds will
line up to form the platform.
3. Bend the back stem end forward (valley fold)
slightly, and push the tiny tab through to the
backside of the shape.
NOTE: this tiny nib is intended to help the chocolate
square wrapped candy to sit forward toward window.
4. Prepare the attach the back margin walls
together by identifying the two panels involved 
(+ symbols).
Preview how these margins will align by
bending the first 4 mountain folds to form
the inner platform layer tube as shown.
5. Apply adhesive to the panels to be joined 
and press them together until secure.
6. Bend the back portion of the main shape
back away from the front so that the top panel
(with the nib) is now over the previous platform 
7. Apply adhesive to the narrow front margin
and attach in place to the backside of
front window pumpkin panel.
NOTE: it may be helpful to insert a "press-against"
surface such as this thin skewer to help
apply pressure to join the front margin to
front pumpkin panel.
8. Preview how the back narrow margins
will overlap, then apply adhesive to the 'X' faces
and join. 
Use a skewer or other "press-against" surface
to assist the connection.
9. Apply adhesive to the backside of the final
X margin, then bend the back pumpkin panel
up into position to join.
10. Preview the positioning of the chocolate
square, if desired.
11. Position the selected leaf variation
behind the front pumpkin stem so that
the stem shape edges of each line up,
and attach in place.
NOTE: the model shows the leaf stem behind
pumpkin stem, with leaf & swirl overlapping
the front of pumpkin.
The leaf stem could also be placed completely
over the front.
12. Insert the chocolate square, then
bend the back pumpkin above-perforation
to attach to the back of front pumpkin.
NOTE: it may be helpful to use a narrow
double adhesive strip along bottom of square
packaging to help attach it in place.
Or small pieces of cello tape at sides.
13. Prepare the guest name tag,
if desired, and attach to the front of
place card to complete.


  1. Hi Jodi, where do I find the cut file for this cute pumpkin? Thanks.

    1. This one is available now on Silhouette America's online store. It will soon be available through our other outlets: and SVG Attic. Available for purchase and download for use with digital cutters.