Monday, November 27, 2017

Santa Head Block 3D Box

Fashioned after a decorated wood block cutout, 
the lid and base fit snugly together. 
Face assembly is easy, with base and 
other component silhouettes to build upon. 
Measures approx. 5" wide x 7.75" tall x 1.5" deep. 

ASSEMBLY:  1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A box lid main shape
B hat area boxing strip
C face side boxing strip  
D face side & bottom boxing strip
E box base main shape
F base hat area boxing strip
G base face side boxing strip
H base face side & bottom boxing strip
2. This block box is similar to the "Uncle Sam 3D Box"
assembly. Please follow this LINK to view
the box assembly for that project,
referring to steps 2-9, 11 (the Santa box
does not have edge rim tabs).
This illustration will identify where the symbols
on the boxing strips will be to indicate
which ends join, etc.
3. Identify and cut the lid accent shapes
that create the Santa head.
NOTE that the rosy NOSE shape should
have 2-3 circles cut, in order to fill in the opening
and raise the nose above the level of the mustache.
ALTERNATIVE: use a painted mushroom wood cap
for Santa's nose like that for Uncle Sam box.
4. Pre-assemble accent shapes into units:
A) beard onto lower part of face/head silhouette
(if you want to ink the cheek areas, do that
prior to joining these two together);
B) holly berry circle onto holly base;
C) hat fur trim onto lower portion of hat base;
D) eye white circles behind black pupil shapes;
E) nose multiples into a stack;
F) stars layered with holes matches.
5. Complete the head accent assembly
by positioning and attaching all shapes:
hat above face; holly unit onto hat;
mustache below nose protrusion.
NOTE: nose and eyes will be placed into 
their respective windows eventually (shown
here as information only), but this cannot happen
until the face assembly is attached to lid in step 7.
6. Thread twine through star holes
and tie knot and bow.
7. Position (centered, with roughly even offset 
all around) and attach the head assembly
onto the LID. Position and attach eyes
an nose.
8. Position and attach star at top of hat,
joining surfaces that touch.
9. Fit the LID over the BASE to complete
the box, check Step 24 for the Uncle Sam box
for information about gluing the boxing
together so that the box will NOT open.

Here he is finished.

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