Monday, November 27, 2017

Star Stepping Stones Quilt Card

Traditional quilt block features 
a layered center star with "diamond" points 
extending away, "stepping stone" squares 
cascading on the diagonals. 
Card front layer includes cutouts to accept 
the small squares and provide registration 
for center star. Measures approx. 6x6 when closed. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card front panel   B card back panel
C stepping stones cutout overlay
D front accent panel (shows as narrow border)
E center star (positioning guide - cut to match C)
F center square and 4 stone squares
G stepping stones  - four sets of 3
H left "diamond" star points
I right "diamond" star points
2. Position stepping stones cutout overlay
onto front of accent panel, with stepping stone
cutouts, offset with narrow border all around,
and attach panel.
3. Position and attach the center star
with corner angle cuts aligned with
corresponding square cut edges.
NOTICE that the star matches the overlay
"background" and thus disappears, acting
as a positioning guide for the "diamond" 
star points at the valley between its points.
4. Position and attach the center (largest) square
at the middle of the star.
5. Position the stepping stone squares into
the cutout positions, including at the top
open corners.
The sample uses three gradated greens,
darkest toward the center, lightest at corners.
6. Position the "diamond" star point pairs -
one left, one right - above the "disappearing" star
shape, taking care that the center edges
match up (this may involve adjusting positions
of diamond lower edges along the star shape).
7. Attach the card front to the card back
at the top edge an tab flange.

Here is the completed card.

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