Monday, November 27, 2017

Pine Cone Chunky 3D Ornament

Thirteen "slice" layers of scale petals spaced  
along the center stem create this large, 
chunky ornament which measures 
approx. 6.5" tall x 4" diameter. 
Multiple layers glued together add 
dimension and strength. 
Stem includes hole punch for hanging. 

ASSEMBLY:  1. Identify and cut the shapes:
Stem: cut 7 shapes to layer into sturdy stack
Scale ring shapes A-M: cut 5 of each
to layer into sturdy stacks
2. Position and attach all of the Stem shapes,
one by one, into a stack, with edges
precisely aligned, including punch hole.
NOTE the center dash lines which will
be used to adjust the rings at their
most accurate levels.
3. NOTE that each of the rings includes
a letter cut near center that will be used to
identify each separate piece as they are
assembled into stacks, and also later so
that rings can be added in appropriate order
onto stem.
4. Position and attach the first two rings,
taking care to align ALL edges, and
particularly paying attention to the center
stem opening. Then add the remaining
three in similar manner until all 5 are stacked.
As the layers are added, shape the ring by bending
the scale extensions downward, before the adhesive
dries. NOTE that the tip edges will naturally 
splay a bit. Use an abundance of finger pressure
over the entire surface of the ring, but particularly
at the scale tips and edges.
5. Repeat the layering assembly process
for all rings A-M.
6. Begin with ring M to insert step narrow end
through ring center opening, then slide it into place
at the bottom-most guide mark on stem.
Apply a line of adhesive across stem width
at the line where M ring will be attached,
on both faces, and on side edges, then
slide M ring down fully into position at the line.
Adjust the ring so that it is squared up, or
perpendicular to the stem.
7. Next, slide L onto the stem, apply adhesive
at the next guide line on stem, and . . .
 . . . slide
L into position in the same fashion.
8. Continue in reverse-alpha order to add
and attach the remaining rings K-A. 
Adjust the rings as needed before allowing
all joints adhesive to firm and dry hard.
9. Add a twine loop through hang hole,
and a length of ribbon as desired.

If desired, frost the tips with textured
paint (SnowTEX brand was used on model).


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  2. wondering what thickness of paper will work. Craft paper, regular, cardstock ???

    1. Regular card stock. Kraft cardstock. Not regular paper.

  3. where is this pattern available

  4. It is available as a "cut file" to be purchased, downloaded and cut out with a die cutting system such as Silhouette America's Cameo. You can find it in the Silhouette America online store.