Monday, November 27, 2017

Pine Sprigs A7 Card

Versatile easel-style card with front window overlays 
measures approx. 5x7 inches when closed. 
Two-layered pine sprigs take the focus, straight at center, 
gently curved at sides. 
(Delicate cutting design: sharp blade is essential.) 
Punch holes in underlay bottom layers offers 
a place to tie twine or narrow ribbon 
around glued-in-place sprig stems. 
Shaped banner holds "greetings" word cut, 
with two punch holes for mini grommets or brads accent.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card front   B card back
C card frames base, plaque, greetings
D frame bottom layer
E frame top layer
F sprigs: top & bottom layers for left, right,
and center
2. Prepare the frame by layering the top
and bottom layers with outer edges, punch holes
 that match up exactly..
3. Prepare the sentiment plaque by
centering the "greetings" word cut on
the plaque shape.
4. Prepare the left, center and right sprigs
by layering the least-full needles shape of each
over the fuller needles shape,
and gluing the stems together.
5. Position the plaque assembly over the frame
assembly, and gluing in place.
Add the mini brads or eyelets at punch holes.
6. Position, center, the frame assembly
onto the frame base shape.
7. Position the sprigs stems over the frames
base, with stems between the tie punch holes
as shown, and glue stems in place.
8. Thread a length of twine or narrow ribbon
through the frames base punch holes
and tie a knot and bow.
9. Position and attach the frames/plaque/sprigs
assembly over the card front, centered,
with offset all around.
10. Attach card front to card back at tab.
Here's the finished card.

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