Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving Decor Inspirations

Happy Thanksgiving 
to you, and a bountiful Harvest season of decorating with the wonderful colors and symbols so abundant this time of year. I am posting a baker's dozen photos as my small part in stopping the rush of the general populous into the buying frenzy that has become Christmas recently..

Following this introductory image, I will begin with some projects and focal points that can be created using Silhouette paper crafting. The other images include needlework or favorite collectibles we have "gathered in" over the years.

Hope these vignettes provide some inspiration for your own space and collections, or your plans and dreams. Here is a framed cross stitch piece with a twig wreath and miniature Indian corn.
 My regular collection of birdhouses, brought into seasonal focus with a "single" thrift store plate that is decorated with a Silhouette leaf wreath design and text saying cut from vinyl and easily applied.
 Here are two of my favorite Williraye figurines, standing atop a recycled wooden box (I collect these of all sizes, too) which has been embellished with a Silhouette design of text and leaf.
 A small part of the decor, this be-ribbon'd oversized wrought iron key gets changed out for each change in season. Here the oak leaves and acorns are enhanced with a multi-layered banner tag that was cut using Silhouette files, combined and manipulated to the right size and configuration to suit my project.

An autumn grouping that features a vinyl design on a wheat-colored ceramic tile. This one was a gift from daughter Kenzie, whose creative genius and imagination has led me down this new path of paper crafting and digital design. (Bless you!)

Our entry-way wall provides a changing canvas and an opportunity to greet visitors in a new way each month. Here you can see the two-color vinyl text design with a wooden pilgrim (created by friend Lisa Glauser), with a row-style wall quilt I designed a few years ago for a House of White Birches publication "Harvest of Autumn Quilts".

Here you can see the whole wall ensemble.

 A shelf unit that has held many of my precious knick-nacks over the years, specifically my miniature houses collection. Showing here a few that still fit in the color scheme of autumn. A miniature patchwork quilt "Autumn Reverie" hangs to the side, and on the chest a collection of Pilgrim and Native American figurines.
 A cross-stitch pillow sleeve adorns the wing-back in the sitting room.
 A wooden cutout is featured on a narrow wall space. (This lettering was done with a digital cutter, too.)
 A tiny patchwork quilt in a miniature quilt stand adds color to the mantle.
A thrift-store find, this "handled" container was just the right spot for a cluster of silk and artificial orangerie. The Williraye cat always finds a way into my groupings, because his wonderful creamy color adds the right contrast.

Framed cross-stitch with other favorite folk art pieces.

Adding a house here and there is my way of remembering that Home & Family are the highest in my long list of Life's blessings.

Wishing you the best of the "giving Thanks" season. Please enjoy the reflective gratitude before you step into the Christmas festivities.


  1. Hi Jodi, I love all of your autumn displays! Is the pattern still available for the row quilt from Harvest of Autumn Quilts? I did a search for it but could not find. Your projects are beautiful and made with such detail and care!

  2. Cathy,
    I apologize for not responding before now. There is a downloadable purchase pattern at, and I also found copies of the book online at

    Good luck. And hope you like the patterns.