Sunday, November 11, 2012

Be THANKFUL Letter Boxes Ensemble

I've been having more fun using Snapdragon Snippets' box letters.
This time my selected word is longer, so I brainstormed how to scale the letters for maximum space efficiency. Then I began the hunt for fun and dimensional elements to express what Thanksgiving means to me. Here's what I came up with: 3d acorns and oak leaves, dimensional cornucopia filled with 3d harvest-able things (carrots, apples, corn, grapes), spherical pumpkin, 3d turkey with his hand sign, pilgrim hat, and clustered wheat. 

 Detail photos will make it easier to see the paper shapes used. On the 'T' hang a trio of 3d acorns with oak leaves behind, embellished with actual perle cotton center stitching.
 The 'A' and 'N' are raised on a box I drafted and cut, so that the wonderful new dimensional cornucopia could make an "upstage" appearance. It is filled with dimensional corn, carrots, apples and grapes. The carrots are miniaturized from a box file. All others are "slice forms", including the 3/4" grape circles with center perforations that I improvised myself in Silhouette Studio.

Here you can see the "fruit filling" a little better.
 The 'K' is the same modified (shorter arm) version from my "SPoOkY" ensemble previously done, this time holding a spherical pumpkin.

'F' is the platform for the 3d turkey with his sign of admonition about the right attitude for November. (And always!) Above the 'U' floats the 3d pilgrim hat suspended on a wire.
 Finally comes 'L' with a cluster of wheat stalks, tied up with a bow.

Besides the 3d letter boxes, many of the designs featured come from Snapdragon Snippets. Search for them in the online store under that specific designer.

For a detailed list of the letter re-sizing, and the design files I used, email me with a request for the "Be THANKFUL Letter Box Ensemble" and I will email it back.

Jodi at hearthsewnpatterns(at)yahoo(dot)com 

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