Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Easter Basket Large Decor Display Assembly Guide

This large decor piece which measures approx.14" tall 
when assembled,demands attention!
Cut using 12x12 sheet of card stock for the basket
and brad-attached handle shapes, with a simple wide-top "box"
hidden and attached at the back to provide its own "stand".
(It works fine empty, but you could fill it with ballast.)
Layers make it sturdy enough for handle to support
three mini dimensional carrot "danglers", 
designed as slice forms to go together quickly.

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A basket offset base and overlay
B horizontal reeds
(NOTE cut file also includes vertical ribs that can also be cut as contrast if desired)
C bottom decor shape overlay
D basket handle and dupl. reinforcement
E handle "knob" shapes
F box "stand"
G 3d slice-form carrots
H Happy Easter layered phrase shapes (3)

2. Attach the basket overlay to the base shape. NOTE that the overlay and base top edges are not offset but align.

3. Attach the cross rib and base decor  shapes over the overlay with corresponding edges lined up.

4. Layer and attach the three shapes that created the "Happy Easter" panel.

(NOTE: this is the cut file design. The model phrase panel was modified after the photographs were taken.)

5. Attach 6 or 8 large foam squares to the back of the panel to give it dimension when attached to the basket panel. Then center and attach near the top of the basket assembly.

6. Prepare the box "stand" shape by folding at the perforation lines as shown. To assemble the box, attach the bottom tabs to the corresponding (overlapped) edges, then the side tab and edge.

7. On the backside of the basket/overlay assembly, center the box side to side, also line up the bottom edge so that NO box edges show from the front. This will place the box bottom edge slightly above the scalloped basket bottom edges. The result will be a slight backwards lean when the basket is standing, which is desirable.

8. Prepare the handle. Layer and attach at least one duplicate handle base shape behind the decorative front handle shape. (NOTE: a plain "without knobs" handle form is included in the cut file as an optional decor or reinforcement shape.)

9. Attach the "knob" shapes to the handle. Make sure the top center knob position uses the shape with the hole cut out.

10. Prepare the slice form carrot dimensional danglers. Each carrot requires 4 orange base shapes and 4 green top shapes. Bend carrot and top shapes on the center perforation lines, face side together, at a 90 degree angle. Glue a top shape to each base shape to prepare a quarter carrot. Repeat the folding at perforation step for glued shape assemblies.
11. Place two quarter carrot shapes with backsides of halves together) (take care to align all edges and glue. Repeat for the other pair. Place the two half assemblies back to back and glue. Before the glue has set, insert a 7" length of fine craft wire into the center space - use extra glue to secure the wire as needed.

12. Dry-test the carrot danglers to determine how long the wire should be, then bend the wire at the appropriate length (where it will insert into the handle holes - center and sides may be different lengths). Trim the excess wire approx. 1/2" beyond bend for back attachment.

Once final adjustments are made, bend the wire flat on the handle backside and securely glue the in place using a thick adhesive such as hot glue or Fabri-Tack. Allow to dry thoroughly before manipulating handle further.

14. Place the handle ends over the basket front assembly and attach securely with brads.

(Handle ends could be glued into place. Keeping the handle detachable lends to easier storage options.

A final view of the completed basket display.

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