Friday, March 27, 2015

Eiffel Tower "Dream" Teepee Card Tutorial

Celebrate anything French or Parisian
with this new teepee-shaped dimensional card
from SnapDragon Snippets.
Folds flat for mailing or giving, then "expands"
to be ribbon-tied at the back into it's standing pyramid shape.
Front adornments include a two-part Eiffel Tower silhouette,
"dream" word cutout, mini pennant swag, embellished fleur de lis,
layered heart (with other added touches using your own creativity).
This version is taller than usual, standing about 8.5".

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A left half teepee card base
B right half teepee card base
C center front accent teepee shape
D left and right sides accent shapes
E Eiffel Tower base shape
F Eiffel Tower offset inner shape
G fold-over pennant flags (5)
H "dream" word cutout
I fleur de lis shape 

2. Fold the two base teepee shapes on their vertical perforation lines as shown.

Overlap the straight right edge of the left base at the tab perforation line of the other half, adjust so that top and bottom tips line up, and glue together.

3. Position and glue in place the center and two side teepee accent shapes offset within their respective base panels. Make sure that the punch holes of each layer line up as perfectly as possible.

4. Layer the Eiffel Tower base and inner shapes and glue together.

5. Position the tower and "dream" word shape on the front panel to see where the word will be best placed, then remove the tower shape and glue the word shape in place.

Glue the tower shape in place (take care to line up the pennant banner punch holes of all layers).

NOTE that the original design layout includes having the "dream" upper edges hang off the front panel edge when the card is in standing position.

6. Prepare the pennant string by threading ends through hole punches, tying a knot on the back to anchor one side, then adjusting for length on front, tying second end knot on the back and trimming away excess.

NOTE that the original design has the string hanging about halfway up the tower arch at center bottom.

7. Decide on your flag color arrangement, then apply glue to half of the first (CENTER) flag, fold it over the string at center, and glue front and back with string between.

Continue the positioning process for the remaining left and right pairs of flags, taking care to space them evenly.

8. Prepare the built-up heart "button" by layering the hearts to form one thickened heart shape.

Thread a short length of string, twine, narrow ribbon, etc., through holes and tie a knot and bow (trim excess ends).

Position and glue the button in place near the top of the tower.

9. Add embellishments to the fleur de lis shape, if desired, then position and attach it on the left side of the front panel.

10. Add other embellishments as desired.

The sample project includes a metal key "found object" that is attached with a narrow ribbon loop. Desired position was determined, then a sharp tool (awl) was used to pierce the front panel. Ribbon was threaded through the hole, looped through key top, threaded back through the hole, then tied off and attached on the backside of the card.

11. To "assemble" the card into the pyramid or "teepee" shape for display, slide the plain base panel behind the opposite panel until ribbon holes line up.

Thread a length of silk-like ribbon through the pair of holes on each side of the "back" ridge, and tie a knot and bow.

Here is the completed card on display.

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