Sunday, April 2, 2017

Bunny Candy Tummy Shaker Card

Easter egg-shaped bunny has clear vinyl-backed 
window with 3/8" deep ten-sided compartment 
behind to hold the "shaker" candy. 
Optional top-attached card back swings back 
to reveal sentiment oval plaque. 
Measures approx. 7.25" tall x 4" wide x .5" deep. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main body (base) shape    B ear accents
C body overlay accent    D clear window liner
E shaker body front    F shaker "boxing" strip
G shaker body back
H card back with perforated hinge line
I opt. sentiment plaque
J face features: eyes with underlays, nose, whiskers
K layered carrot: base, contr. overlay, 2 leaf layers
2. Prepare the main body shape by bending
the perforated ear forward and creasing.
3. Prepare the shaker window by attaching
clear double-sided tape such as this "Kool Tak"
narrow tape around the backside of the window
opening. Then  . . 
. . . remove the tape liner . . . 
. . . and position, attach the clear window shape.
4. Position and attach the accent body front
over the face side of the main body,
matching outer edges and window opening.
5. Layer the eyes and contrast under shapes,
nose onto whiskers base.
Position eyes, nose unit and attach.
Position ears to corresponding ear body area,
with bottom edge butting up to the body overlay.
Re-crease the ear to make sure both layers
are creasing appropriately. Apply a dab of glue,
double stick tape or glue dot discretely
under the folded-down ear portion to help
keep it in place.
6. Prepare the shaker "boxing" strip by bending
forward slightly on all the vertical perforations,
also bending the upper and lower edge flange tabs
7. Form the strip into a ring (face side inward
to show through on the inside of the shaker
compartment) to overlap the straight end
over the opposite end tab to perforation,
and glue in place.
8. On the shaker back panel, bend the tiny
"opening panel" tab back so that it can be
accessible at the time when recipient may
want to "break into" the shaker to remove
the candy.
9. NOTE that there are cut guide marks
to help with the positioning of the
decagon-shaped shaker boxing ring.
10. On the backside of the shaker front panel,
position the inner edges of the boxing strip line up
with the cut edges of the window.
Continue making adjustments as necessary
as the flange tabs are glued in place
to secure the boxing around the window opening.
11. Apply adhesive to the back flange tabs . . . 
. . . then position the front/shaker unit over
the face side of the back panel, adjusting to
line up the edges on the guide marks
mentioned in step 9, and glue flange tabs
in place.
To complete the gluing of the flange tabs,
reach fingers between the boxing front
and back panels to apply pressure on the
flange tabs. Or . . . 
. . . use a flat tool such as an acrylic ruler end 
or spatula tool shown here.
Shown here is a slightly side view of
the shaker unit after the three
components are joined.
12. Fill the shaker compartment with
your selected medium or treat.
The model uses multi-colored M&M candies
(available at Party Land, Zurchers, etc.).
Other ideas are mini-pearl Sixlet candies,
TicTac Multi-colored mint candies, etc.
13. Position the head front unit (includes the window)
over the shaker front panel, line up matching edges,
and secure in place.
14. Bend the lower portion of the card back
forward (hinge). Position over the
backside of the shaker unit with matching
edges aligned, and attach the portion
above the perforation hinge ONLY.
15. Prepare the carrot decoration
by layering the accent carrot wedge
over the base shape and attach.
Position the stalk portion that matches
the corresponding area of the carrot base,
and attach to the base. Then add the final
"greens"shape on top of the previous
stalk shape (ends abut the carrot overlay
top edge).
16. Position and attach the carrot
decoration to the front of the bunny.
NOTE that when the recipient wants
to open the shaker to take the candy,
the perforated panel strip should pull
open with a certain amount of force
and tearing.
17. Position and attach the sentiment plaque oval
on the underside of the card back.
Here is a slight side view of the completed shaker card.

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  1. I think this bunny is so stinkin' CUTE!! Love his shaker belly :)