Thursday, April 6, 2017

Bunny Spinner Interactive Card

Interaction makes this Easter card extra fun, 
when a pair of layered bunnies play Peek-A-Boo 
as they spin in and out from behind the front panel. 
Sturdy dimensional front and back construction with 
corner finger holes conceals the spinner works 
which functions with regular size brad and cut slots.  
Make bunnies spin by moving backside scallop circle wheel. 
Front has scallop and plain circle medallion 
with three blossoms (center blossom camouflages 
the spinner brad) and layered word cut "hippity hoppity". 
Measures approx. 5.5" x 4.75".

ASSEMBLY 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card front shape   
B lower corner build up shapes (4 ea. left & right)
C front accent scallop circle
D front accent plain circle with blossoms
E hippity-hoppity word cut with offset base shape
F spinner base shape
G "washer" circle build up shapes (10)
H bunny accents (2 sets)
I spinner wheel scallop base
J spinner wheel plain circle (with knob hole)
K card back
L upper corner build up shapes
(4 ea. left & right)
M knob stem shapes (10)
N brad prong cover
2. Prepare the front circle accent unit by
layering the scallop circle with the plain circle.
Shape blossom petals, then position and attach
side, then center over the punch circles and
3. Position and attach the unit over the card front
with upper edge scallops of each layer matched.
4. Layer the word cut with offset base.
Locate the guide marks cut into the card front,
then . . . 
. . . position and attach to the card front.
5. NOTE the "up" arrow mark on the corner 
reinforcement shapes which indicate the
upper, outward position for both left & right.
Prepare the LEFT and RIGHT build up units
by carefully layering four of the shapes, one by one
with  all cut edges lined up as precisely as possible.
Press with a flat heavy weight while the glue
is drying completely.
6. Position and attach respective corner build up
units on the backside of the card front,
taking care to align the outer edges and inner
circles of each.
7. Prepare the upper corner build up units
in a similar manner, then position and
attach to the upper backside corners
of the card front.
8. Position and attach the card back over
the build up shapes on the card front unit.
9. Prepare two bunny units by positioning the
body overlay over the body base,
aligning the edges that match, and attaching.
Position and attach the tail and tummy units
over the base, tucked in to the edges of
the body overlay as tightly as possible.
Position and attach the head.
Color the eye by applying ink in the eye hole
10. Position each of the bunny units over
the corresponding shape extensions
of the spinner base shape.
11. Prepare the spinner "washer" build up unit
by layering and attaching the 10 circles,
taking special care to make sure that the center
brad slots are lined up precisely.
12. Position and attach the washer unit to
the front of the spinner base, lining up
the brad slots precisely.
13. Prepare the "knob" circle build up by
layering the 10 shapes in a stack with
edges aligned precisely.
Press under a flat weight while it dries.
14. Position and attach the knob in the circle
recess of the plain circle accent on the "wheel" unit.
15. Insert a contrast brad through the knob
and wheel, and bend back to secure on backside.
16. Position and attach the wheel unit (scallop
accent circle backside) to the back of
the spinner unit, orienting and aligning
the center brad slots.
17. Assemble the card by inserting brad through
front, then through the spinner unit,
bending prongs on the backside to secure.
18. Position and attach the brad cover
centered on the backside of the spinner wheel
to conceal the prongs.
To make the bunnies scamper,
hold on to the knob and spin the wheel.
Here is the card as seen from the front.

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