Friday, April 28, 2017

Mother's Day Flower Step Card

Fancy folding generates fun panels 
on different levels with its own standing easel. 
Fold flat to fit into the A6 standard envelope. 
Use the included "print & cut" tag option 
to print label front shape that includes "MOTHER'S DAY" text
(or, cut a template to trace over PC typeset printed words). 
Lacey edge center accent panel and matching side panels
make this an elegant card.
Use the plain tag for many other occasions.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card base    B front panel base (irreg edges)
C lacy front panel   
D side base strip  E side lace strip  
F side eyelet
G bottom front base strip  
H bottom front accent strip
I tags base     J bottom (opt. print & cut)
K flower leaf base     L petals base
M side and center petals
N flower center
O happy word cut
P optional interior panel
(not shown: optional backside accent panel)
2. Identify the fold perforation lines
on the card base shape.
This illustration shows the direction of
the various long and short fold lines.
Carefully bend the center mid line and
side top fold lines as "mountain" folds.
Then fold the bottom side fold lines as
mountain folds.
Finally fold the remaining two side perforation lines
as valley folds.
Fold the card into its "flattened" form by
guiding the fold lines into their positions
according to the direction of the folds,
and apply pressure along the creases to assist
the card to lay flat.
Open the card flat.
3. Assemble the two side panels by layering
the eyelet strip, the lacy strip and the side panel
base strip. 
4. Position the strip units centered in each side
panel area of the card front, with the top edge
aligned even with the upper perforation line,
and glue in place.
5. Layer the lacy overlay onto the front panel,
centered with the top lace arcs fit neatly under
the hole punches as shown here,
and attach in place.
6. Layer the bottom base strip and accent strip
then center in the bottom area of the card front
and attach in place.
7. Identify and prepare the shapes for
the flower, then . . . 
. . . position and attach the petals base over
the leaf/stem base, position and attach
flower center, then side petals over corresponding 
base edges (inward edge of oval should snug up 
against the flower center), then . . . 
. . . position and attach the final petal.
8. Position and attach the flower onto the left half
of the lacy front panel, as shown, with stem
bottom end extending beyond the bottom lacy
panel edge.
9. Prepare the layered "Mother's Day" tag face
by setting up the Silhouette according to
the "print and cut" features.
(Review a tutorial for this process at:
silhouette-print-and-cut-tutorial.html )
First position the tag
shape on a letter size page layout, with
"Registration Marks" turned on and adjusted, then . . .
. . . send the page to be printed.
(The sample project tag was printed on
65 lb. card stock weight that is easily handled
by a home printer.)
Next position the printed page with registration
marks on the cutting mat, adjust settings and
blade, then send the job to be cut.
Remove the cut tag from the mat.
As an alternative to the "print and cut" tag,
simply type and print "MOTHER'S DAY" with
your PC typesetting software,
cut the tag shape as a template from scrap card,
then trace the shape over the printed text,
cut out, punch holes, etc.
10. Center and attach the layered tag onto
the lower front of the card.
NOTE that the bottom of the tag edge is flattened.
11. Position and attach the "happy" word cut.
12. Re-fold the card, add embellishments
as desired.

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