Sunday, January 6, 2019

Reel 3D Fancy Box Stand

Spool dimensional form is composed of
 eight-sided center hull tubes that fit together, 
each of which are connected to thickened base
 and lid (achieved with glued-together, built-up layers). 
The "view-finder" styled reel top and bottom have 
swirl design overlays with rounded corner, 
offset accent panels for hull panels. 
Sized to coordinate as "platform" stand for 
"Snowman 3D Ball Head" design for a unique 
winter seasonal display ensemble. 
Reel box measures approx.  5" wide x 5" deep 
x 2.5" tall (interior box is approx. 2.5" diam.). 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main upper reel shape (cut 7)
B upper reel top accent
C upper reel bottom layer (includes tube slots)
D upper reel tube boxing
E outer tube accent panels (8)
F reel top layer
G lower reel top accent layer
main lower reel shape (cut 7)
I lower tube boxing 
J opt. lower tube interior reinforcement
NOTE: The hexagon center openings to fit the hex
post to connect the snowman head project were
removed from all shapes in the final cut file.
They may appear in the tutorial images,
but should be disregarded.
2. Prepare the build-up stack for the upper reel
by layering and attaching the main shapes,
one at a time, taking care to rotate and align
all cut edges as precisely as possible.
A crucial step in the stack and build up process
is to place the stack under a flat weight such as
the fabric-covered re-purposed free weight shown
here, to keep the stack flat, and to avoid curling
or warping of the shapes, until the glue is
completely dry. This may take a few hours.
Also, it may be helpful to complete the stack in stages,
attaching half or slightly more into a stack, then
pressing until dry, then continuing to add shapes
to the stack until all are in place, returning to
the flat weights to press until dry.
3. Also add the top accent shape to the stack.
For the upper reel stack, the bottom layer shape
which includes the tab slots should still be unattached.
4. Prepare the tube boxing shapes by bending back
on all panel and tab perforation lines.
Identify the TOP tube (which includes single tabs
below each panel section)
and the BOTTOM tube (which includes
a symbol cut out in the side flange tab.
5. While the upper boxing strip is still flat,
position and attach each accent panel, centered
within a perforation-defined rectangle panel.
6. Form the boxing strip into a tube to bring
the straight side edge to overlap the long tab
opposite, to the perforation line, adjust for
alignment at top and bottom, then join the side seam.
7. At the bottom edge, bend the tabs inward
and glue in place to the tube's inside.
8. At the top edge, bend the two side tabs of
each section inward, with the center tab still
extending upward.
9. Apply adhesive to the face of the side tabs
all around, then quickly . . . 
. . . position and insert the center tabs through slots
in the bottom reel shape.
Bend the tabs to the center and glue in place
to the reel's underside.
10. Position the main reel upper stack over the exposed
tube tabs surface adjust for precise alignment,
and glue in place. Try to clip or press this attachment.
11. Repeat much of the same process for the lower reel,
noting that the TOP reel includes a 'B' to indicate
a) position and attach the lower accent shape
on top of the 'B' reel shape;
b) stack and glue together the main reel shapes,
leaving the top 'B' and accent assembly separate.
12. Follow a similar procedure as outlined in
Step 9 above to attach bottom tube to
bottom reel with side tabs inward with glue,
and center tab inserted through slot,
then glued in place to reel.
13. Position and attach tube/reel top layers
to remainder of stack, as in step 11 above for
upper reel.
14. The upper and lower reels/tubes can now
be put together, and if not connected, the form
is a box with LID and BASE.
If you will be using the reel as a stand,
use the optional interior center reinforcement disc.
Prepare it by bending forward the outer flanges.
15. Position and insert the disc in the bottom tube
opening, ease it into position, then . . . 
. . . carefully slide it down to about half way,
then glue flanges in place.
16. To assemble the reel box, fit the bottom tube
into the top tube. This is a snug fit and may require
the use of a spatula tube to assist.
Then slide the two parts fully together.
Here is the completed reel box and stand.

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