Sunday, January 6, 2019

Top Hat 3D Snowflake Trim Mini

Classic top hat has merest downward taper, 
layered scallop-edge brim (to conceal crown attachment tabs), 
two-part hat band with optional miniature 
snowflake edging shapes, brim "rim" ring. 
Measures approx. 2.5" tall x 4.125" diameter brim. 
Sized to fit the "Snowman 3D Ball Head" design. 
Or use as a table decoration, invert as treat container, etc. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A crown main hat shape
B brim top shape   C brim bottom shape
D brim interior shape   E rim trim
F hat band (cut 2)
G snowflake trim (cut 8;
NOTE this shape has been modified at base
edge in the final cut file
2. Prepare the crown shape by bending back on
all panel, tab and flange perforation lines,
except bend the bottom narrow tabs forward.
3. Form the crown into a tube to bring the straight
edge to overlap the flange opposite, to perforation
line, and complete the side seam.
4. Bend the top tabs inward, the octagon "lid"
down into position, adjust to match up lid edges
with tab perforations, and glue in place
all around.
5. Position and attach the inner brim shape to
the underside of the lower brim shape, taking care
to line up the scallop edges as precisely as possible.
6. Position and attach the trim shape to
the face side of the upper brim shape, taking care
to line up the scallop edges.
7. Bend the crown bottom tabs inward, then . . . 
. . . fit the upper brim assembly over the tabs
until inner octagon straight edge  "seats" 
at the perforation lines.
Bend tabs back and attach to upper brim underside.
8. Position the lower brim assembly back-to-back
with the attached upper brim (recess of interior
shape allows for tabs to sit between top and
bottom brims), taking care to match up the outer
scallop edge AND the inner octagon straight edges,
and attach in place.
9. Prepare the hat band shapes by bending
back on perforation lines.
If using the bands without the snowflake trim,
fit and attach the band at crown base with
perforation bends aligned with corresponding
corners of crown.
NOTE that both lead ends should line up
at a bend angle.
10. If incorporating the snowflake trim units,
position and attach each behind the upper band edge,
centered, and . . .
. . . with the upper edge of the base
extension aligned at the straight band upper edge.
Here is the complete hat with band and snowflakes.

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