Sunday, January 13, 2019

Snowflake Tea Light Face Ornament

Simple snowflake base, thickened with built up layers, 
includes a front hexagon dome that encases 
a 1.5" diameter tea light. 
(Or, alternately use separate snowflake and face shapes 
where they fit snugly enough around 
1.5" diameter tea light to omit the dome structure.) 
Center opening allows flame to poke through 
as snowman face nose - painted orange with acrylic paint. 
Round, layered face disc has eye and 
mouth 'coal' openings with contrast disc beneath. 
Back panel has "hinge" connection at bottom, 
nib-and-slot closure at top to allow insertion 
of tea light, and for on/off switch access. 
Ornament measures approx. 4.5" tall x 
4" wide x .75" deep (excluding tea light nose). 

(For the simpler version without dome,
proceed to Step 17.)

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A snowflake front layer
B dimensional dome (tea light cover)
C face plate and contrast underlay
D snowflake main for build up layers (6)
E snowflake back shape with nib slots
F back cover   G nibs for closure
2. Layer the build up layer snowflakes, one by one,
and glue together, taking care to align all interior
and outer edges as precisely as possible.
NOTE it may be helpful to glue up a few at a time,
allow to dry thoroughly, then continue to layer
the remaining shapes until all are stacked and attached.
Also, it may be helpful to use a flat heavy object
such as this fabric-covered, re-purposed weight machine
weight bar, placed on top of the drying stack,
until the liquid glue is completely dry. Pressing
flat in this manner will help minimize warping
and curling of stacked shapes when liquid adhesive
is used.
(This may take a few hours.)
3. Prepare the face plate unit by placing the contrast
underlay behind the face shape, centered,
and glue in place. NOTE: take care to line up
the radiating cut lines around the center opening
of both shapes before attaching permanently.
4. Prepare the dome shape by bending back
at all perforation lines, except bend the outer tabs
forward, as shown.
5. Position the face plate unit over the dome's
opening, centered, so that the contrast circle
"slots in" to the dome circle window, and glue
edges in place.
Take care when positioning that the face is oriented
with the eyes "straight on" or parallel to one of the
hex edges of the top panel of dome.
This hex edge becomes the top of the dome.
6. Bend adjacent edges together, with straight edge
overlapping the opposite tab to perforation line,
to complete each of six side seams.
7. Insert the hex dome front the back of the front
snowflake shape through the hexagon opening,
and push through completely, until the edge tabs
rest against the hexagon opening, and glue
the tabs in place to back of snowflake shape.
8. Position the front snowflake assembly onto
the front of the snowflake stack, match outer edges
as precisely as possible, and glue together.
Weight the edges being attached if possible
while they dry.
9. Prepare each of the two nibs by bending
at center perf cut as "mountain" fold, and
at outer two per cuts as "valley" folds.
Glue the center two segments together
back to back to create the nib extension with
side tabs.
10. Insert each nib through one of the slots near
the top of the back snowflake shape, inserting
from back to front. Push the nib in fully, then
glue the nib tabs in place to the snowflake backside.
11. Prepare the back cover shape by bending
the bottom tab forward at the perf lines.
12. Place the cover slots over the nibs on 
snowflake, ensure the cover is flat, then  . . . 
. . . glue the bottom tab in place.
The back cover will now "hinge" outward as shown
to allow for tea light to be inserted when
snowflake is finished.
13. Position and attach back snowflake assembly
onto the back of the snowflake stack, match
edges, and glue in place using weights as before
if possible.
14. If desired, use acrylic paint to carefully
paint the light bulb extension of the tea light.
(NOTE: when lit, the light may still show
as its original white or yellow color.)
15. Open back cover, insert tea light into the recess . . . 
. . . poking the bulb "nose" through the center opening
until the face place circle is snug around
bulb base, then . . . 
. . . close cover and "latch" the nibs through slots.
16. Finish by looping a length of twine or soft ribbon
through the top hang hole.
17. Create the snowflake ornament without
the dimensional dome, when working with
a tea light that is 1.5" diameter that fits snugly
in the center circle opening.
A. Stack and glue together the main shapes.
B. Position and attach the back shape onto
the back of the stack.
C. Prepare the face plate by attaching the contrast
shape behind the face circle, centering and attaching.
D. Slip the face place over the tea light
(with painted bulb, if desired), and slide down . . . 
. . . into position so it is flat against the top panel
of tea light.
Attach in place.
E. Insert the back of tea light into the circle recess
and attach in place.
The switch should be visible through the half-circle
window on the backside.
Here is the simpler snowman snowflake version complete.

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