Monday, April 5, 2021

Potpie Hexagon Gift Box

Hexagon “potpie” style
 box has side walls that taper outward 
to terminate in curved perforation lines that are carefully bended 
to create edge petal shapes that transition to “lid”. 
Two lid “extensions” include the petal shapes, each with a tab
 that tucks down behind opposite side walls to be held in place
 with temporary double sided adhesive tape. 
A pair of lid punch holes allow for tying a soft bow 
(ribbon 1-1.375” wide suggested; 16-18” in length) 
as top decoration. 
Box measures approx. 3” deep x 3.75” long x 
2.375” tall when fully closed. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main hull with attached lid
B side wall offset accent panels (6)
C lid offset accent panel
2. Prepare the main hull shape by bending back on all
straight perforation lines for bottom and side wall panels,
side tabs.
Also carefully start the bends for the curved petal edge
perforation lines. (These do not bend back far, but
are just "crested".)
3. Position each offset side wall accent panel within
the side wall perforation lines that define the side walls,
and attach in place. Also position and attach the lid accent,
taking care to center with even offset margins all around,
with punch holes aligned exactly as possible.
4. Complete the 6 side seams by bending back two
adjacent walls to align straight edge of one wall
across the corresponding tab flange to perforation line,
and joining in place.
4. Test close the lid over the base by first bending
extensions at base center front inward, and lid at each side
of center front downward. Fit . . .
. . . the extensions into position behind corresponding
walls or under lid.
5. Since this container has a "soft" closure,
add 'temp' adhesive dots or tape to the petal tab
extensions that will be tucked in behind lid or walls.
6. Add ribbon to lid by threading ends through
punch holes, then tie a neat knot and bow, trim ends.
7. Add gift contents, then re-close the lid into place,
adjust, then apply pressure as needed to attach petal
extension flanges in place and hold box closed.
Here is the completed box.

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