Thursday, April 15, 2021

Thirteen Flowers Stitched Card

Create a field of thirteen posies with double circle centers
 (or optionally select and use only one center). 
Tiny stitching holes vertical array in flowers and mat
 allow for lacing stitches to attach in place
on accent front panel, then layer and attach
to card front. Card measures 5x7 when closed.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card base for 5x7 card, top fold
B front accent panel with stitching punch holes
C flower sets: 13 flowers (one is missing here)
each set includes petals base, large circle small circle
2. Prepare each flower petal and two centers by bending
slightly along vertical center perforation as "valley" fold.
Select the centers and flower that you want to go together,
then arrange the 13 flowers in the order that looks best,
watching for balance in the variety, reducing repeated colors
or paper prints too close to each other, etc.
3. Glue together the 2 centers onto the base for ALL flower sets,
taking care that center perforations and punch holes align
as precisely as possible. This may be assisted by poking
a needle or end of an unbent paper clip into the holes
as they are being layered.
4. Identify the 'T' that indicates the left-most, top row
of stitching holes, so that the flowers are oriented
properly as they are positioned and stitched in place.
Stitching will be completed with a 30-36 inch
lengths of contrast No. 5 perle cotton "twine" or thread,
or equivalent, and a blunt point tapestry needle with
eye large enough to accept the perle cotton.
Size 24 tapestry needles are used for this tutorial.
6. Cut a length of perle cotton or twine, thread needle
and leave "tail" pulled a few inches through needle eye.
Turn the front panel face side down and use a small piece
of cello tape to secure the single ply end near the top left
pairs of holes.
7. From backside, insert the needle through the TOP
hole . . .
. . . bring to front and thread through the top hole of
the first flower set. (NOTE: the TOP of the flower
has a single vertical petal that has perforation line up center.)
Pull thread completely through leaving "taut" on backside.
8. Insert the needle and thread downward through
the second from top hole, through ALL layers,
and pull thread through completely to hold flower
in position. Repeat the up and down bottom stitch for
flower, and pull thread completely through at each pass.
9. Position the second flower, and repeat the stitching process
for both steps 7 & 8 so that stitches are . . .
. . . smooth and "taut". Here is the backside with just
top stitch completed. Continue to position and stitch into
place each of the remaining flowers, endeavoring to
be efficient in "bridging" between stitching hole positions until . . . 
. . . all flowers are in place and needle/thread have been
carried to backside.
Here is one suggested pathway for completing
the stitching.
10. Trim excess thread, leaving approx. 3/4" tail.
Use a small piece of cello tape to anchor the tail.
11. Position and attach the completed front panel
onto the front of the folded card base.
Here is the completed card. With care to flatten
the flowers, it should fit into a standard envelope for 5x7 card.

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