Friday, April 2, 2021

Box 3D Petal Folds Top Ruffle

Unique hexagon-base gift box is cut in one piece withcurved petal-shaped indentations forming the compartment “roof” 
and delicate narrow necks that cinch the pleated top. 
Add optional contrast accent rounded-corner rectangles 
to side panels (while hull is still flat). 
Take care when folding and gathering in the pleats
 (neck reinforcement shape included to strengthen against 
or repair tearing). Insert gift contents into pre-folded 
and assembled box, then cinch narrow necks in toward center, 
and tie gently with narrow ribbon. 
Assembled box measures approx. 3.875” length x 3.38” width 
with 1.5” tall side panels (also approx. capacity interior height); 
height to top of “ruffle” is approx. 4.375”. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A one piece hull   B accent rectangles overlays (6)
C optional narrow neck reinforcements (1-6 as needed)
2. Prepare the hull shape by bending bottom tabs
and base hexagon extension back on perforation lines.
Bend side tabs back, and . . . 
. . . bend along mid horizontal perforation line.
Bend forward along vertical section lines from bottom to
top of shape, then bend lower "box" and upper gathers
short length perforation lines back.
Carefully begin the bend forward at center of each
"ruffles" extension, but don't bend completely nor
press flat. Be sure to end bending above or at
end of perforation line end at middle of hull shape.
Carefully bend a "ridge" along each of the curved
perforation lines.
Help the hull shape follow its final bending configuration
by bending the perforation line between the pairs
of curved lines as VALLEY folds, and . . . 
. . . also help the perforation lines below to form
as MOUNTAIN  folds. Top of ruffle perf line is also
a "mountain" fold. 
Here is the completely prepared hull shape.
3. Position and attach the accent panels, offset within
the side wall perforation boundaries.
(If using liquid adhesive, consider pressing with a flat
weight until dry).
4. Form the hull into a tube to bring the straight side
edges of lower and middle walls, and upper short wall
to overlap coordinated tabs opposite and align with
perforation, then attach in place.
NOTE that the symmetry of the hull shape allows
it to be pressed flat on work surface at this point in
assembly so that finger pressure can be applied
along side seams.
5. Bend the bottom flange tabs inward at
perpendicular angle, apply adhesive to top surfaces . . .
. . . then bend base hexagon extension down into 
position, adjust edges and wall perforation edges
so that they all align as precisely as possible,
and glue in place.
It may be helpful to reach a hand or tool such as
the end of a new pencil eraser into the hull to
apply pressure along each seam to ensure good
connection, while base is flat on work surface.
6. If there has been tear-out during the complex
folding at narrow necks for "ruffle", prepare the small
optional reinforcement shapes by bending to imitate
the hull bends (vertical short perforation as "valley" fold,
and bend back slightly at cross perforation cut). 
Apply glue to the face of the reinforcement, then
insert into hull interior and position behind the narrow neck . . .
. . . with perforations exactly behind narrow neck.
Hold in place until secure.
(This is the point where contents would be added.)
7. Prepare the final shaping to assist the "ruffle" to
gather inward by pushing the petal center fold backward
in toward center, and . . . 
. . . also assisting the top ruffle center fold
to bend back in the same manner.
Continue to gently move the narrow necks
in toward center until they touch each other
(or nearly touch) . . .
. . . as can be seen in this top view.
Hold the gathers in place with one hand while wrapping
a 16-18" length of narrow ribbon around the neck
and securing with knot and bow.
Here is the completed gift box.

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