Friday, March 23, 2018

Bath Salts Gift Envelope Assembly

Create a special envelope for 
fragrant bath salt gift to tie onto a gift, 
specialty soda, fruit juice bottom, or gift on its own. 
Measures approx. 6" x 4" when fully closed. 
Top punch-hole margin provides for easy 
ribbon loop embellishment. 
Rounded corner front panel accent can showcase 
favorite paper print, or use other die-cut embellishments 
(such as the "Bathtub Bubbles Tag" 
without offset base punch-hole shape), 
fiber flowers, stamps or trinkets. 
Holds approx. 4 tablespoons of loose bath salts. 

(This guide is under construction;
please return soon to see
finished tutorial.)

ASSEMBLY: 1. Prepare the envelope by
folding forward on all perforation lines
except the top flap perforation line
is bent back.
2. With the face side of envelope downward
on flat surface, then fold sides toward center
and glue together where the two overlap.
3. Bend the bottom flap upward over back
panels, and glue in place (take special care
to make this seal thorough ahd
complete corner to corner to keep
potential  bath salts inside envelope.
4. Bend the top margin flap into position
and glue back to back  . . .
. . . with the adjacent panel
that also has the hole punch.
5. Position and attach accent panel on the front
panel of envelope, below the top margin panel.
6. Cut a length of ribbon, attach to the punch hole.
7. Spool look bath salts into the envelope
(approx. 4 rounded Tablespoons is
about the maximum capacity), then
glue the top flap closed.
8. Decorate the front of the envelope
as desired, including the "Bathtub Bubbles Tag"

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