Thursday, March 29, 2018

Dutch Boy Paper Doll Card

Paper doll style shaped card of little Dutch boy is great 
for special birthday or hello, get well, 
in celebration of family heritage, or as decorative display.
Layer shapes into units 
(head/hair; jacket; pantaloons; shoes), 
then layer onto silhouette base in order top to bottom. 
Attach figure assembly onto card base front, 
join back back to backside above perforation line. 
Card back serves as easel for display, 
bends outward to reveal message space. 
Pairs well with Little Dutch Miss paper doll style card.
Measures approx. 5x7 when closed. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A silhouette figure base
B card (offset) front base
C card back base with perf line
D hat and hair shapes
E face, eyebrows, nose
F eye and mouth underlays
G head   H hair top & bottom layers
I jacket, collar shapes, sleeves and underlays
J jacket underlay (shows thru as buttons)
K belt and belt buttons
L pantaloons shapes & M underlay
N shoe base and overlay
2. Position and attach mouth underlays
to face shape backside so that colors
show thru openings, edges remain hidden.
3. Add eyebrows over cutout guides,
nose at center.
4. Position and attach face shape at top
of head shape.
5. Position front hair over back hair,
with top and side edges matched that
correspond, and attach.
6. Position head assembly, centered, on front of
hair assembly, top edges aligned.
7. Position upper hair (bangs or fringe)
at top of head/hair assembly and attach.
Also position hat on top of assembly,
centered, with top edges aligned,
and attach.
8. Position the head assembly onto the silhouette
base shape, align edges, and attach in place.
9. Position jacket underlay (buttons show thru)
centered on silhouette, with collar opening
overlapping neck, shoulder edges aligned,
then arrange sleeve underlays on each side
with corresponding edges matched up,
adjust as needed, then attach in place.
10. Position right jacket onto assembly
with shoulder and other edges matched up,
and attach in place. Then . . . 
. . . position left jacket overlapping right,
align and attach.
11. Position and attach sleeves in place.
12. Position and attach pantaloons face shapes
over contrast base shape.
13. Position and attach pantaloons assembly
onto silhouette, then position and attach belt
and buttons.
14. Layer the shoes shapes, then . . . 
. . . position onto bottom of silhouette
and attach in place on each side
with edges abutted at implied centerline.
15. Position silhouette figure assembly
onto card base front with even offset margin
all around, and attach.
16. Prepare card base back by bending
forward at upper perf line.
Turn card front face down to position top section
of card back base over corresponding portion
of front base backside, and attach in place.
Swing back panel away to reveal card message space.
Or use back base as built-in easel.
Here is the completed card.

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