Friday, March 23, 2018

Bunny Bath Fizzers 3D Gift Box

Build a custom-sized box that holds two bath fizzers 
(around 2" diameter; approx. 2.1 oz. size) 
with latch-style bottom flaps and punch hole lid 
for crinkle ribbon loop embellishment. 
Front circle window offers a peek at the fizzie bomb inside. 
Box accent shapes adorn side and top panels, 
with bunny and contrast inner ear shapes, 
optional nose, whiskers, eyes, 
clear vinyl window panel liner, 
"Happy Easter" angled word cut. 
Construct the two compartment interior structure 
to hold stacked balls securely in place. 
Box measures approx. 2.5" wide x 4.25" tall 
x 2.5" deep when closed. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main box hull with accent panels in place
B insert: bottom platform
C insert: main walls shape*
D insert: middle platform boxing strip
E insert: add-on side wall*
*NOTE that these shapes will be
different if using the smaller-cutting capacity option
F bunny and inner ears window surround accent
G "Happy Easter" word cut side wall decoration
H optional clear panel interior window liner
I optional bunny features (these attach to liner)
2. Prepare the main hull shape by bending back
on all perforation lines for panels, flaps and
flange tabs.
3. Attach the corresponding accent panels
to the outside surfaces of main hull shape
for sides and top.
4. Form the hull into a tube shape to complete
the side seam, NOTING that the hull can
be flattened to help accomplish this,
as can be seen in the next frame .
5. Layer the inner ears onto bunny shape.
6. Position and attach bunny shape over
the front panel with window cutout circle
edges matched.
Position and attach the word cut to
the side panel.
7. Apply appropriate adhesive to the edge margins
of the clear window panel (such as clear
double-stick narrow tape), then insert the panel
into box interior to center and attach
behind the window cutout.
8. Close the bottom latch flaps by first folding
the back flap inward, then folding
the side flaps inward. 
Finally, fold the front flap inward, pushing
the other flaps beyond perpendicular until
the tab fits into the slot to lock all flaps
into position. 
Adjust bottom back to perpendicular.
9. Layer the nose over the whiskers/nose
combination base. Position and attach
to the clear window panel within the window cutout.
10. Prepare a ribbon loop with a large knot
at the end, then . . . 
. . . insert the loop end through the lid from
back to front, and pull through until knot stops
at lid backside surface.
Secure the knot tails to the lid backside
to keep loop from pulling through.
11. Prepare the bottom platform by bending
back on all side wall and end flap perforation lines.
12. Bend the side wall back to perpendicular
to overlap the straight end over the adjacent
end tab, and glue to complete side seam.
Complete all four side seams.
13. Press the tabs at center downward slightly.
14. Study the following graphic to become
familiar with the insert main and add-on walls.
NOTE that the smaller cutting capacity walls
that substitute for the longer main wall shape 
shown here will correspond with seams 
slightly reconfigured. Then . . . 

. . . bend at the perforation lines
following the "M" and "V" notations
on the diagram above. 
Also "pop out" the side connector tab.
15. Prepare the middle platform boxing strip
by bending back on vertical perforation lines,
bending top and bottom flange tabs forward.
16. Bend the strip into a "U" form with tabs
outward, then position over 
(smaller hole) face side . . . 
. . . center and attach the middle segment,
centered along the SIDE PANEL edge
with flange tab cut edge lined up along perforation bend,
and glue in place. Also position side segments
along front and back insert edges with
flange tab cut edges lined up at edges,
and glue in place.
17. Bend the insert main shape into position
to attach top boxing strip tabs in corresponding
positions to underside of 
taking care as before that flange tab edges
line up at perforation bend or front/back edges.
18. Position and attach the add-on wall
non-notched top edge to the upper platform
end flange tab.
(NOTE that the smaller cutting mat shapes
will have a different arrangement for
where the walls are joined.)
19. Temporarily insert the side tab through
the side wall slot, and bend downward.
20. Position the bottom platform at the bottom
between both side walls, line up lower edges,
and join in place to both walls.
21. As a preview, this image shows the "standard"
2 inch commercially-prepared insert with two
plastic wrapped balls.
Insert the bottom fizzy ball allowing the middle
platform tab to disconnect while doing so,
then reinsert the tab into slot, bend downward
and glue in place.
Insert the top fizzy ball into position, flexing
the top wall a necessary, then repositioning
to help hold ball secure.
22.  With box lid flipped up fully,
place the loaded insert into the box
with the front open position aligned
with window panel.
Bend the lid down into position and
apply some "temporary" adhesive
on the lid flap to help keep the lid closed
if the box is lifted by the ribbon loop.
Here is the completed gift box ready to present.
(A thoughtful addition to any Easter basket,
especially to those who may already have
enough chocolate!)

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  1. Awwwww such a darling box - know just the thing to use it for ;-)