Monday, March 5, 2018

Birthday Ornament Tree

Transform the ornament tree (separate design) . . . 

. . . into a happy birthday tree for special anniversaries
through the year. Finial measures approx. 3.75" tall x 5.25" wide. 
 Decorate with mix-n-matched birthday-themed ornaments

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A finial arch back layer with stars & streamer bases
B star overlays (5)
C streamer overlays 2 each of 2 styles
D arch sawtooth large layer 2
E arch sawtooth small layer 3
F & G word cuts
H special arm front for this finial 
I front arm bracket   J back pole bracket

2. The ornament tree stand is NOT included
as part of the finial or ornament files downloaded as
separate designs from Silhouette America's
online store. 
(The tree IS included as one of the
designs in the Birthday Tree set purchased
through SVG Attic.)

Jump over to a different tutorial that shows tree
assembly by following this LINK, steps 1-25,
then return here for the Birthday Tree finial assembly.

3. Complete units assembly:
a) attach stars to stems on layer 1
b) attach 'HAPPY' word cut to 'Birthday'
word cut base. 
c) layer and attach sawtooth shapes,
smaller onto large, lining up punch hole
and aligning bottom straight edges
 (press with flat weight
to avoid warping or curling).
4. Position and attach layer 1 behind layers 2-3
5. Position and attach the four streamer shapes
over the extensions of layer one which
show above arch assembly, and then
overlap onto sawtooth arches so they show
on the front.
6. Position and attach the word cut unit on top
of the assembly, in the position shown here
(with top of 'HAPPY' extending a bit above
the tallest part of sawtooth arch), and centered.
(Use the process of step 7 below to check positioning.)
Don't forget the 'jot' of the 'i' in 'Birthday'.
7. Position the tree arm that is included in
finial cut file, at the bottom of the finial assembly
with punch holes, bottom straight edges aligned.
NOTE that the arm of the ornament tree needs
to be built up of multiple layers as described
in the tree assembly tutorial referenced in step 2.
 8. Position the finial with arm onto the top
of the assembled display tree.

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