Friday, March 23, 2018

Bathtub Bubbles Tag

Convey the sensation of a heavenly tub soak 
with this shaped tag overflowing with bubbles. 
Includes a punch hang hole with 
optional no-punch base shape include 
for non-tag embellishment. 
Measures approx. 5" front end to end. 
Coordinates (without base shape) for 
an embellishment that fits on the front of 
the "Gift Envelope for Bath Salts" design. 
Bubbles silhouettes layer for build up 
from #4 on bottom to #1 on the top,
then center on offset base shape. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A tub layers (base, front, rim)
B heart and heart contrast layers
C bubbles bottom layer 1
D bubbles layer 2
E bubbles layer 3
F bubbles top layer 4
G tag base with punch hang hole
2. Identify the cut numerals in each of
the bubbles layers which will assist in
stacking the layers; '4' is bottom; '1' is top.
3. Layer the bottom two layers (4 and 3)
with corresponding side, bottom and leg shape
edges lined up, and glue together.
NOTE it may be helpful when using liquid adhesive
to flatten the glued-up shapes using a heavy
flat weight such as a fabric covered free weight, etc.
4. Add the next layers (2 and 1) to complete
the bubbles build up.
4. Assemble the tub by adding the contour
front shape, rim shape and legs contrast shapes
in order onto the base shape.
Also layer and add the heart accent.
5. Position and attach the tub/bubbles assembly
to the card base, leaving an even 
offset margin all around.
Here is the completed tag, waiting
a message to be placed on the back with
separate label, etc., and ready to hang
on a thoughtful gift of bubble bath,
bath salts, back brush, or a myriad of
other fun bath-related items.
Or use the non-punch hole version as
a decoration for a gift card envelope
or card front.

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