Sunday, June 14, 2015

Uncle Sam 3d Hat Box Assembly Guide

Zippy little top hat that looks just as if
grand ol' Uncle Sam has just arrived for a visit!
This 3d hat box is assembled as separate hat and inner box.
Approx. size is 3" tall by 5.25" diam. (base).
Great as part of your patriotic or July 4th decor,
or fill the box with goodies or a gift card
as a special and unique gift for July birthday
or service personnel thank you.

1. Identify and cut the shapes.
A crown (front) wedge with attached top          and star accent
B separate crown wedges (5)
C brim circle and under-brim circle
D brim rim ring
E stripe and star panel shapes (6 ea.)
F base box shape (bottom with connected        sides

2. Prepare the front/top and side wedge shapes by folding top or top tabs back, side tabs back, horizontal perf lines slightly forward.

3. Prepare to join by lining up the straight left edge of first separate wedge with the right front wedge's right edge perforation lines as shown.

Working first with the bottom "strata" only, apply adhesive to the bottom tab, overlap the corresponding straight edge, adjust so that bottom edges and perf lines line up, and glue in place.

4. Repeat the lining up of middle strata perf line and straight edge and glue in place. Repeat for the top strata perf line and straight edge and glue in place. This completes one seam.

Repeat this process to join 5 wedges to the front wedge/top shape in a series or row.

5. Join the remaining free wedge end tabs to the straight edge of the front wedge following the same joining process as before. Fold the top down into position with straight edges lining up at corresponding perf lines at top of each wedge, and glue tabs in position.

6. Insert the bottom tabs end of the crown through the upper crown circle opening (face side should upward toward crown) to the depth where the tab perforation lines match with the crown edge.

7. Fold the tabs back or outward and glue each securely to the crown circle underside. Make sure that the crown perforation lines remain "seated" exactly at the crown inner cut edge.

8. Apply adhesive to the underside (non-face side) of the second brim circle, then position it over the underside of the attached brim circle, line up outer circle edges, and glue in place securely.

(This will hide the crown connection tabs.)

9. Prepare each stripes accent shape by bending the top of stripes forward slightly at the tiny perf cut on each stripe and at the horizontal perf line near the bottom of the shape.

Position, align and attach one accent stripes shape so that the top of the stripes line up at the top of the crown edge, with side edges and seam crest also lined up. Repeat for all six shapes and sides.

10. Prepare each stars panel shape by folding slightly forward along the horizontal perforation line.

Position, adjust and glue each panel in place, with panel bottom edge at the joint angle between brim and crown, sides lined up at wedge panel edges, and top overlapping the bottom portion of the stripes shape. 

Repeat to attach all 6 star panel shapes.

11. Position and attach the large star accent shape at the crown's front panel.

12. Apply adhesive to the underside of the brim rim ring, then slip over the top of the hat assembly, align curved edges as precisely as possible, and glue in place.

13. Prepare the base box shape by folding back at the center's hexagon perforation lines. Also fold side panel edge tabs back, and top panel edge tab back.

NOTE the finger holes that will allow the base box to be pulled away from the hat top after it is inserted. These should be pressed back slightly, but NOT folded (no perf lines included).

14. Fold two adjacent sides into position so that the left panel straight edge overlaps to align at the corresponding tab perf line. Glue the edge over the tab as shown.

Repeat for all six seams in similar manner.

15. Fold the top opening tabs back to the interior cavity and glue in place.

16. Insert the base box or vessel into the crown's opening to close the box . . .

. . . and slide together until the bottom of the base box is flush with the underside of the brim.

Here is the finished product.


  1. Such a cool shape for the Uncle Sam hat! Love it!

  2. Oh my stars...this is the cutest little hat. Will be making them for table center pieces. TYFS