Sunday, November 27, 2016

Christmas Star Card Assembly

An eight-point star 
(overlay with separate "patches" 
positioned behind to show-thru) 
with stacked heart at center is the focal point 
of this 5x7 side-fold card. 
Smaller frame has offset inner panel 
that is needle-hole punched to add 
perle cotton or floss stitches all around 
to reinforce the quilting theme. 
"JOY" letters and "Christmas" word cut 
present the sentiment. 

ASSEMBLY:  1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card base   B card front panel
C stitched panel base (with needle perforations)
D stitched panel top layer
E JOY & Christmas word cuts
F star overlay   G parallelogram star points
H heart (3 shapes to layer as a "button")
NOT SHOWN: ribbon streamer shapes
2. Prepare the complete the stitching accent
on the stitched panel by cutting a 20" length
of perle cotton, soft twine, or 6-ply floss, and
threading onto the smallest gauge tapestry-style
needle that "thread" fits through.
Attach the "thread" end with a small piece of
tape on the underside, near one corner.
3. Insert the needle at the corner hole
back to front
(NOTE that the holes are small, and the needle
will open each hole a bit as it passes through)
pull through carefully, and pull the thread
all the way through.
4. Insert the needle in the second hole
front to back, pull through completely
to finish the first stitch.
5. Continue to insert the needle and pull thread
through to complete the first edge row of stitching,
ending with the needle inserted downward in the
second-to-final hole.
Turn the corner and insert needle into the
corner hole to continue across the second
edge row, and so forth.
This shows the stitching complete all the
way around. The final stitch will carry the
thread to the backside of the panel.
6. Cut a 3/4" to 1" tail . . .
. . . and tape the end to the backside of the
7. Prepare to position the "JOY" letters
onto the stitched panel top layer by
identifying the top guide mark cut.
Position and attach the 'J' with the top edge
matched at the guide mark.
8. Position and attach the 'Y' letter with its base
at the bottom guide mark cut, then center
and attach the 'O' in between.
Position and attach the "Christmas" word cut
as shown, next to and overlapping the 'JOY'
9. Position and attach the top panel over the
stitch panel.
10. Position each of the parallelogram "diamonds"
behind the "windows" of the star overlay . . .
. . . taking care to center the edges behind the
side "spokes" so that the adjacent diamonds
will have some area to attach.
Here is the backside of the star with all
the point shapes in place.
11. Layer the heart shapes to make it thick like
a button, then position and attach at the
center of the star.
13. Identify the guide marks cut into the card
front panel: two for a couple of the star points . . .
. . . and corner guide marks for the 
stitched panel.
14. Position and attach the front panel
to the front of the card base.
15. "Audition" as a "dry fit" to see where
the stitched panel . . . 
. . . and star elements will be in order to 
arrange the ribbon or paper streamers
will be positioned . . .
. . . then position ribbon streamers or
paper streamers . . .
. . . then remove elements, attach ribbon,
then replace and attach panel and star
to complete the card.


  1. I know it has been a long time, but I just discovered this card on the Silhouette store. It is beautiful. Before I purchase, can you tell me what type of glue or adhesive you used to attach the "Christmas" word and the center-inserts for each of the star points? Those look like really fine details and extremely thin cardstock pieces, so I could use your advice. Thanks!