Saturday, November 5, 2016

Turkey Tail Tabs Shaped Card

Whimsical turkey shaped card with 
bend-away back panel conveys 
banner-held  "thankful" message. 
Pop can pull tabs "guild" each layered feather 
(tiny needle holes guide placement, 
threaded with perle cotton or twine to secure 
glue-tacked tabs in place). 
Card fits into a 5x7 (a7) envelope.

1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card base back (includes perforations near top)
B card front base    C tail feathers base
D tail feathers tall accent   E tail feathers short accent
F body     G head   H eyes, beak, wattle
I fold-ends banner with "thankful" word cut
J 9 pop can pull tab embellishments
2. Layer and attach the three feather layers,
taking care to line up the "middle" and tall layers
to ensure that all the needle holes match.
3. Position each of the pull tabs onto the
tail feathers so that the tab structures fall between
the needle holes - upper and lower (with one hole on 
each side of structure sides and openings). 
Attach each in place  with minimal quick-grab glue dabs
(such as the Fabri-Tack glue shown here).
4. Thread a length of perle cotton no. 5 (shown here)
or twine or floss onto a blunt-tip tapestry needle.
Insert needle on inner lower hole, then
pull thread through leaving a 2-3" tail on the backside.
5. Insert the needle through the adjacent hole
so that the thread wraps over the tab structure
to secure it in place.
6. Move up the side to complete the
securing "wrap" stitch, then move to
other side upper, then lower side.
6. On the backside, clip and tie off the ends
in the "flattest" knot possible -OR-
cut tails and tape ends as flat as possible
in an invisible-from-the-front manner.
7. Position and attach tail section onto the
card front base with bottom edges aligned evenly,
and even, consistent offset around tail feathers.
8. Layer the turkey body & head, then complete by
layering eyes, beak, then attaching these with wattle
to body/head unit.
9. Complete the banner by bending the ends at
perforation lines to create the folded banner effect.
Glue the folds in position as needed.
Position and attach the word cut.
10. Position the body unit over the tail section,
centered, with bottom edges lined up with
previous assembly.
11. Position and attach the thankful banner.
12. Apply adhesive to the backside of the
back card base, above the perforation line only.
Position front base tail shaped edges so they
match up exactly with the corresponding base
shaped edges, then attach the upper back portion
to the backside of the front card base.
Here is the completed card.

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