Thursday, November 17, 2016

Colonial Santa Shaped Card

Jolly gent in jacket and vest, britches and hose, 
buckled shoes and tri-cornered hat. 
Includes card front and card back designs. 
Many details are assembled on silhouettes or
as units, then combined on main silhouette base. 
Front & back join just below hang tab.
Back bends away to reveal sentiment surface.
Measures approx. 3.375" wide x 7.75" tall. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
This layout shows all the shapes as they
were cut for the sample card.
NOTE on the left 
(top) front card base with assembly silhouette,
(bottom) back card base with assembly silhouette.
For a more detailed inventory, the following screens
show the unit assembly with their shapes:
FRONT hat: (R) holly base, leaf, berries base, berry
(L) hat base with trim
FACE: (L) under-mouth contrast
(R) face base, eyes, nose, beard
FRONT BODY: (L) coat base with left & right, buttons
(Ctr) shirt front, bands, socks
(R) vest base, vest left side, buttons
FRONT SHOES: buckle accents, shoes base,
shoe toes, soles
BACK HAT: trim "show-thru", hat main,
hat crown/back brim, back brim trim
BACK BODY: (sides) sleeves with cuffs and buttons,
cuff ruffs, hands
(ctr) back hair, collar, back body
back body base/pants "show-thru",
socks, shoes base with rim,
2. Assemble the FRONT HAT units by attaching
berry to berry base, leaf to holly base,
trim to hat base.
Assemble the holly sprig by attaching berries unit
to holly, then attach holly to hat.
3. Assemble the FACE unit by attaching the
mouth contrast shape behind the mouth opening . . .
. . . then attach beard over face, nose into
shapes edge of upper beard.
(Place eyes in sockets, but these can't actually
attach to anything behind until later in assembly.)
4. Assemble the FRONT BODY by attaching the
pants shape over the main body shape so that
upper narrow edges align with body base,
as well as "legs" edges of body base.
Assemble vest unit with buttons, then position
it centered over pants shape with upper curved
edge at shirt cutout edge. 
Attach shirt.
Position and attach left and right side of jacket
with matching edges lined up, buttons in place.
(NOTE that the sleeve areas on each side
will still show.)
5. Assemble the BACK SHOE (R) by attaching
the socks centered, so that top edges match.
Complete BACK SHOE assembly by attaching
rim shape below socks, sole aligned at bottom edge.
Assemble FRONT SHOE (L) by attaching toes shape
over shoe base, adding sole aligned at bottom edge,
buckles above toes.
6. Assemble card front by positioning and
attaching body unit onto the assembly silhouette . . .
. . . then adding front shoes unit, front hat unit,
then face.
7. Assemble BACK HAT by positioning and
attaching back trim onto crown shape (top),
back base over trim show-thru shape.
(Optional: for contrase, ink or distress rounded upper edge
of crown shape prior to attaching trim shape.)
Position and attach the two assemblies together,
bottom edges matching.
8. Prepare the gift box unit by layering box main
on bow "show-thru" base shape, with lid strip,
and bow knot where they align with base edges . . .
. . . as shown here.
9. Assemble back body by attaching cuffs to sleeve ends,
buttons in recesses, collar shape to lower edge of hair base.
Position and attach sleeves at sides of body where
outer edges align.
Complete unit's assembly by attaching hands next
to cuff curved edges, ruff lace on top of hands,
gift box over hand ends.
(NOTE that hair and collar can't be attached
to anything below at this stage of assembly.)
10. Finish the back assembly by attaching
legs show-thru base onto assembly silhouette . . .
. . . then positioning and attaching back body assembly
at matching edges.
Add back shoe unit and hair/collar,
then back hat.
11. Position and attach back assembly 
to the BACK card base (tab has perforations)
with offset all around.
Position and attach front assembly
to the FRONT card base.
12. Prepare the join front and back card bases
by applying adhesive to the BACK tab only,
above the perforation line. Then . . .
. . . layer the front and back with backsides together,
to join the backsides of the tab areas only.
Here, again, are views of the card's front
and back, completed.

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