Sunday, November 20, 2016

Candle 3D Stand for 3 Inch Pillar Candle

Traditional clam shell filigree panels 
adorn this simple tapered candle stand 
with slightly recessed tray top to hold 
a 3" diameter pillar candle (or narrower). 
Panel angles are reinforced with "leg" strips underneath. 
Adorn front panel with separate 
"holly leaf 3d bow sprig" design, if desired.
(Tutorial included at the end of candle stand step 12.)
 Measures approx. 3.5" tall x 4" wide at base. 

1. Identify and cut the shapes for the stand:
A front panel with top platform
B sides and back stand panels
(NOTE that these shapes are also
presented in two sections in the cut file,
for smaller capacity cutting situations.)
C accent panel overlays (4)
D top platform reinforcements (2)
(NOTE that the 'X' has been eliminated)
E under-leg reinforcement strips
(The unmarked shapes have been
eliminated in the final design.)
If preparing the bow and holly embellishment,
cut these shapes, too:
A left and right bow loops base
B left and right bow overlays
C bow streamers
D right holly leaves   E left holly leaves
F berry base with three berries
2. Position and attach one panel accent "legs frame"
shape around the clam shell panel.
NOTE that accent inner edge corners will
align with corresponding "corners" edge of
each panel.
3. Prepare front and side/back panels by
bending back on vertical perforations and tabs,
also bend top tab perforations upward,
next inner rim perforation back.
4. To prepare RIM for platform, apply glue
under the "rim flange" portion of the folded area
at top of each panel . . . 
. . . then applying pressure along the rim edge,
leaving the tab flange unattached.
Complete the "rim" gluing for each of the panels . . .
. . .including the front which will be 
completed later (see step 9), where the "flange tab"
is actually the stand platform.
5. Prepare the reinforcement layers
by aligning edges and joining.
NOTE that it may be helpful to press these
under a flat weight during the joining process.
6. Position the reinforcement (X cut eliminated)
on the underside of the front panel platform,
centered to offset the same margin at all edges,
and glue in place.
7. Join the front with other panels at the
side seam, overlapping the straight edge at 
the corresponding tab perforation line.
8. Form the assembly into a tube to
complete the final side seam.
9. Complete the front panel's rim gluing at this
point, applying adhesive at the rim underside,
then bending into position to apply finger
pressure all along until the joint is completed.
10. Apply adhesive to the sides and back rim
flange tabs (these should be bending inward
and perpendicular to the tabletop), then . . .
. . . bend the platform into position
between all rims. NOTE it may be
helpful to use a blade tool such as this
spatula to ease the edges into their snug fit.
Turn the assembly upside down to access
and apply pressure (fingertips underneath)
along the platform-to-flange seams.
11. Prepare the leg reinforcement strips
by bending forward along the perforation.
NOTE the "top" of the strip is marked
with a tiny up arrow 'V' cut.
12. Apply glue to the backside surfaces
(this image may look like glue is applied
to the inner surfaces - but it should be backside),
then . . .
. . . position behind each leg angle, pushed
upward so that the bottom edges of strip
and panel align.
Place the candle onto the platform,
within the raised rim.
If preparing this embellishment,
cut these shapes too 
(repeated here for easy reference):
A left and right bow loops base
B left and right bow overlays
C bow streamers
D right holly leaves   E left holly leaves
F berry base with three berries
1. Add some curl to the center portion of
each bow loop shape . . .
. . . and to the overlap loop shapes.
2. Position and glue both ends of the overlay
to the face of the main loop shape ends.
Complete for both loops.
This is how the loop assembly should appear.
3. Position and attach the "back" end of each
loop, one at a time, behind the streamer shape,
using punch holes as alignment marker.
4. Bend - but do not fold - each loop outer end
inward to position and attach over the
previous punch hole position.
5. Add some back curl to the center portion
of each of the holly leaves.
Also add some upward curl at the tip.
This is how the "curled" leaves should appear.
NOTE that the left or right leaves have a
slight curve downward.
6. Position the left or right pairs of leaves
one on top of the other, and angled artistically
with punch holes aligned, and glue
together where the surfaces touch.
7. Position each pair over the bow assembly
and glue the stem area around punch dot
in place.
8. Position and attach each of the 3 berries
over the berries base.
9. Position and attach the berries assembly
over the leaf stems. with all punch holes aligned.
Here is the completed assembly,
with brad inserted (or stud positioned)
over the punch hole.
Position and glue (quick grab glue such as Fabri-Tack
recommended) the bow assembly over the
punch hole location on the stand front panel.
Here is the completed stand with bow embellishment.
Shown here with pillar candle.
Stand with embellishment shown
as table centerpiece with
"Folded Star Sprigs 3D Wreath".

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