Saturday, October 6, 2018

Coffin 3D Box and Skeleton Ring Jointed

Base with fitted lid 3D box has 
glue-on top or bottom panels. 
Top overlay includes R I P letter cutouts 
(save the interior shapes to glue in separately). 
Measures approx. 5.75" long x 3" wide x 1.375" deep. 
Can be used as candy or treat box. 

Coffin box can also fit the Skeleton Ring Joint figure inside. 
Coffin box fits inside the "Coffin 3D Coach Model" design. 
(Mini skeleton has bones, hands, feet etc., 
layered onto tiny off-set base shapes, 
then assembled using 4mm or 6mm metal jump rings, 
and tiny brads. 
Measures approx. 11" tall x 3" wide. 

(Skeleton figure tutorial follows Coffin box steps.)

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main coffin hull (base)
B & C base bottom platform front and back
D lid front (don't loose the tiny cut-out pieces)
E contrast show-thru for letter cutouts
F lid back with slots
G long & short lid flanges
2. Prepare the flange shapes and main hull shape
by bending back on all perforations for panels,
tabs and flanges.
3. Layer the base platform shapes on top of
each other. NOTE that the TOP includes
four corner guide marks to help position the hull.
4. Form the hull tray by bending back wall
segments to overlap straight edge over adjacent
tab to perf line, and join seam.
Join all the seams around the hull.
5. Apply adhesive to the bottom of the hull tray,
then position over the top layer of the platform
assembly, placing the top two and bottom two corners
at the cut guide marks to center tray.
6. Position and attach the contrast panel
behind the lid front platform, centered,
so that all edges don't show, and
that letters are filled in.
7. Position and attach the tiny cutouts
for the centers of the 'R' and 'P'.
8. Join the short and long flange strips
at one side seam - make sure that both are
oriented the same with tabs at top as shown 
(for example), then . . . 
. . . form a ring to line up and complete the second
side seam.
9. Bend all bottom flanges back fully to glue them
to the backside of the flange face panels.
10. Position the flange assembly with tabs toward
the LID inner panel, align tabs with slots,
insert slots fully through, then bend tabs outward
and glue in place to backside of panel.
11. Close the coffin box by sliding the flange
of LID inside the hull tray upper edge.
NOTE this is a snug fit, and can be
tighter depending on thickness of card stock used.
12. For mini skeleton form, cut the offset base shape
(shown left) and the bones shapes plus heart.
13. Layer and attach each bones shape, centered,
on top of its corresponding base shape.
14. Attach the head bottom tab over the shoulder
bracket shape with punch holes matched up,
and glue overlapping portions in place.
15. Position the rib cage shape's punch hole tab
 over the head tab and glue 
overlapping portions together.
16. Position and attach the heart
with glue and mini brad.
17. Position and attach with mini brads:
A) upper arms to shoulder bracket;
B) hip section to rib cage;
C) upper legs to hip section.
Also add mini brad at head/ribs/shoulder
bracket connection punch hole.
18. Use the jump rings (with pliers)
to join remaining bones in place.
Here's the mini skeleton figure
starting his "can't-wait-for-Halloween"
He can be fit into the coffin box,
as is shown here.

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