Thursday, October 18, 2018

Owl Shaped Ornament Card

A fancy twist on classic owl designs, 
this shaped card can also be an ornament. 
Three tiers of "feather" shapes with center layer of each 
a darker contrast creates a zigzag design. 
Tail features two colors. 
Detailed head includes build-up shape layers to raise it 
above the thickness of body feather sections. 
Eye "feather" details provide some drama, 
with "gear" style eye base accents, two-part eye 
with contrast highlight circle cutouts. 
Nine mini brads hold the tiers to the assembly silhouette shape
Card back has perforation line which allows 
back to bend outward to reveal message space. 
Measures approx. 7" tall when closed. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A & B ornament card base and back
C assembly silhouette
D head front   E head base (3) for build up
F eyes base silhouette
G nose bridge with acorn beak and "cap"
H eye accent overlay
I feather layers Tier 1 (top)
J feather layers Tier 2 (middle)
K feather layers Tier 3 (bottom)
L tail feather sections
M "gear" eye accents (3 pairs for build up)
N eye base with highlight show-thru shapes
O eye top layer shapes
2. Layer and attach the 3 head build up base shapes
taking care to align all edges that match up.
3. Position and attach the head front layer on top
of the base stack.
NOTE consider flattening under a weight
while glue is drying is using liquid adhesive.
4. Position and attach the nose bridge over 
the eye base, matching it to the edges and
shape where it should align.
5. Position and attach the nose "acorn" shape
and the "cap" at top of acorn.
6. Position and attach the right and left eye overlays
on top of the eye base, and overlapping
the nose bridge extensions.
7. Position and attach 3 of the eye gear accent shapes
into a stack, then repeat for second stack.
Flatten under a weight if possible, while drying.
8. Identify the eye components:
center - eye base with cutouts
top - highlight contrast ovals (fit these into cutouts)
outer sides - eye top layers
9. Position (centered) and attach the eye base 
on top of the gear stacks.
10. Position and attach the highlight ovals
in the recesses of eye base shapes.
11. Position the eye top shapes, centered over
the eye base with narrow offset border,
and oriented so that the highlight cutouts are
over the ovals beneath.
12. Located the guide marks on the head front
that show where acorn nose tip and "valley"
of the nose bridge will align, then position
eye assembly over head front at guide marks
and attach in place where the two assemblies touch.
13. Prepare the three feather tiers by overlaying
the middle layer (contrast) over the base layer
with top edges and hole punches lined up,
and glue together.
Next overlay the top layer over the previous assembly
with top edges and hole punches aligned,
and attach in place.
14. Repeat for middle tier, and . . . 
. . . bottom tier.
Prepare the tail unit by layering one on top
of the other, with top "header" margins aligned which
will cause the feathers to offset and alternate colors.
Here are the three feather tiers
and the feather unit.
15. Position the tail (and feather tiers) onto
 the assembly silhouette, beginning at the bottom
to center tail unit, with narrow offset margin
at bottom and sides, and with header edges
lined up at adjacent cut edges as indicated
and glue top header in place.
16. Position the bottom feather assembly
overlapping tail feathers, with punch holes
aligned, and glue top edges in place.
17. Position and attach middle feathers in place,
and finally . . . 
. . . top feathers unit.
18. Position and attach head unit
with front head layer overlapping
top feather unit, and with head edges
lined up with corresponding edges
of assembly silhouette.
19. Add mini brads at punch holes (9)
or substitute studs.
20. Position owl assembly/silhouette base
over the card base front, with narrow offset
margin all around, and attach in place.
21. Prepare the card back base
by bending forward at perforation line
(NOTE back shape is shown from backside here),
then  . . . 
. . . position card front back to back with
card back with upper edges aligned,
and glue together the head portions above
the perforation line.
22. Complete the ornament card by threading
a length of fairly narrow ribbon through
punch hang hole.

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