Sunday, October 14, 2018

Halloween Cat Peeking Dbl Cascade Card

Two sloped card base panels provide stage 
for whimsical cat with lopsided grin clinging to 
top of brick wall while looking over his shoulder 
at a startled Jack O Lantern. 
An eerie tree with asymmetrical three-layer moon 
looms on left. Multiple panels provide scope 
for fun Halloween coordinated prints. 
Front panel has two-layered plaque and word cut "Spooky". 
Fold card flat for sending (a sized-to-fit envelope is available), 
or spread the cascades forward slightly for self-standing display. 
Measures approx. 5.25" wide x 8.5" tall when flat. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A RIGHT cascade panel and add-on panel
with accent panels
B LEFT cascade panel and add-on panel
with accent panels
C front accent panel   D back accent panel
E front bracket base, accent, Spooky word cut
F pair of inside back "brick wall" and top trim accents
G brick wall insert base, brick overlay & top trim
H pumpkin shapes: base/stem, sides, show-thru, front
I cat shapes: base, paws, head mid layer, top layer,
eyes show-thru, whiskers, nose, nose underlay
(see Step 10 for further detail about these)
J moon shapes (3)  
 K spooky tree & reinforcement duplicate layer
2. Prepare the cascade base shapes by
bending forward at the connector flange,
also bending back at the panel perforation line.
3. Join the add-on panel to the main (two-section)
panel by overlapping at side seam flange. 
4. Fold the Right and Left cascade sections
into their accordion "stacks" as shown so that
the top edge slants downward toward the lowest
front side edge as shown.
5. Open the two base sections enough
to be able to interlock the middle slots,
and slide the two walls into alignment
to form the double cascade arrangement.
6. Identify the panel "tiers" where the accent
shapes will be positioned and attached.
With the cascades flattened and straight,
position the FRONT accent panel to bridge across
the two front halves, offset from edges,
and attach in place. 
This will hold the cascade alignment.
On the cascade back, repeat the process to
position and attach the back accent panel.
This will hold the back cascade alignment.
Position the accents for tiers 1, 2, and 3,
spreading the cascade walls as necessary,
and attach each in place.
7. Prepare the tier 4 "brick wall" accents by
positioning and attaching the top trim strips
to accent rectangles.
Then position each unit on the inside of
the cascade back wall.
8. Prepare the brick wall insert by bending main
base wall shape side tabs back.
Position and attach overlay on base center,
then position and attach top trim shape.
9. Apply glue to the side tabs, then . . . 
. . . insert the wall section behind accent 1 tier walls,
and slide down . . . 
. . . into position with bottom even
with cascade bottom, or to 1/8" above bottom,
and join tabs to backside of accent 1 tier walls.
10. Identify the peeking cat unit shapes:
1) main cat base    2) paw overlays
3) head base shape (ears)
4) eye "whites" show-thru
5) head overlay (NOTE this shape is changed
in final design = ears removed)
6) "waste" nose cutout retained
to fill in guide shape for whisker and
pink nose cutout
7) whiskers   8) colored nose
11. Begin cat assembly by positioning and attaching
the middle (ears) head layer onto base
where outer edges will align, except leave jowl
lower edge tips unglued so that paw overlays
can eventually be inserted under these.
12. Position and attach eye show-thru shape into 
the recess of the head base shape.
13. Position and attach the head overlay
on top aligning edges that should match up.
14. NOTE nose cutout on front head shape
will act as positioning guide for whiskers and
pink nose. Position and attach the retained
black nose cutout into its original position
to provide a level surface.
15. Position whiskers shape over with center "nose"
portion over the replaced cutout guide, then . . . 
. . . position and attach the pink nose over
the whiskers center solid nose shape.
Here is the completed unit, with paw overlays
awaiting attachment on front of wall.
REMINDER: the head lower jowl tips should
remain unattached, as demonstrated by
the insertion of the spatula in this image.
16. Insert the cat assembly behind the wall insert,
center, and slide down to align bottom of main shape
with bottom of brick wall, and attach in place.
On front of wall, position and attach the two paw
overlays under the jowl tips, and aligned
with the paw shapes of main cat base.
(Refer to Step 22 or image at end of tutorial
to see paw overlays in place.)
17. Position and attach the three moon shapes
(large bottom to small top), taking care
to line up the guide punch holes.
18. Layer and attach the tree front and
reinforcement back shapes.
19. Position the moon behind the right tree branches
and adjust/rotate to find correct position where
the guide punch holes will be hidden . . . 
. . . BEHIND two branches; 
attach branches to moon.
20. Spread the cascade wall layers to enable
positioning and attaching tree trunk
to cascade wall as shown.
21. Prepare the Jack O Lantern pumpkin accent
by layering the side pumpkin shape on top
of the stem base shape.
Insert and attach the yellow "show-thru" shape
in the recess, then position (centered) the face
shape over the assembly, and attach.
22. Position the pumpkin unit so that only a
narrow bottom margin overlaps the accent wall
trim on tier 4, within cascade side wall edge boundary,
and attach where it overlaps.
23. Prepare the front medallion by positioning
and attaching the front accent to the base shape
with side punch holes aligned.
Position and attach the Spooky word cut on top.
24. Bend the ends of the medallion slightly at
side perforation lines, then . . . 
. . . position and attach ONLY the side portions
of medallion in place to card front.
The detached center portion will allow
the cascades to spread as the front panel
bends back slightly at center line.
Here is the completed card, in standing position.

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