Friday, October 26, 2018

Candles 3D Narrow LED Flame

Six-sided candle in three height sizes
is assembled as outer and 
inner tubes that fit together to provide 
strength and sturdiness. 
Top has a recess that accepts a
"standard" LED tea light with 
a punch-hole cover that fits over the flame tip 
to conceal light's power base. 
Measures approx " deep x " wide  x 7" , 6.25" or 
5.5" tall when assembled. 
Display as a single, or group a set of three together. 
Sized specifically to used with Centerpiece 3D Tray designs. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
(Candle sizes have identical assembly, except
that outer and inner tube lengths are varied.
Tall candle is used to demonstrate assembly here.)
A outer candle hull (tube)
B hull accent strips for each panel
C top "platform" hexagon (where votive LED will sit)
D top cover for LED votive with flame exposed
through center opening
E interior hull (tube)
F top reinforcement collar
2. Go to Candles in Three Sizes for LED Tea Lights tutorial
to view and follow steps 2-18 for candle assembly.
3. Prepare the LED tea light flame cover by bending
back on the hex outline perforations.
Position center opening over flame tip, then . . . 
. . . gently push cover down over flame tip
while at the same time tucking the edge flanges
inside the hull rim, and press down til flush.
Here are the three heights of the candle trio.
Candles trio with LED votive tea lights
are the central part of this greenery and
tray centerpiece.
Find more information about this project
by going HERE within this blog.
Scroll past the tray assembly to the layout
of sprig elements and assembly information.

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