Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Patchwork Cathedral Windows 5x7 Card

A paper rendition of a traditional patchwork design, 
this card that fits into a 5x7 envelope features 
fold-over circles that wrap around 
twelve different print squares. 
Position the folded shapes edge to edge 
on the sawtooth top panel guideline grid. 
Attach twenty 3/16 " tiny buttons with thick thread 
or perle cotton at intersection hole punches, 
then attach to folded card front base. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card base (shown folded with TOP fold)
B sawtooth front card panel with
guide marks and stitching punch holes
C fold-over circle patches (12)
D "patchwork" squares (12 varied prints)
2. This project is follows the assembly steps
of a similar project "Cathedral Windows Quilt Card"
very closely. Please click on the title above to follow
steps 2-5 for that project to prepare the fold-over
patches and assemble as shown here on 
the sawtooth card front panel.
3. Follow steps 6-11 to complete the "stitching"
of the 20 buttons at the intersections, and
attach the card front to the base.
NOTE that these "patches" are arranged
for a top-fold 5x7 card. They can alternately
be arranged as a side-fold card.

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