Thursday, February 28, 2019

Leprechaun Peeking Double Cascade Card

Baby leprechaun in beard and floppy hat peeks over 
the fence at pot of gold. 
Behind, flags hang from banner between side posts 
spelling out LUCK. 
Cris-crossing cascade panels include accent shapes 
that provide scope for using 
favorite St. Patrick’s Day print papers. 
Card folds flat to send, opens to provide 
dimensional self stand. 
Measures slightly smaller than 5x7. 

ASSEMBLY:  1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A right main cascade base  B right cascade add-on
with accent offset panels
C left main cascade base   D left cascade add-on
with accent offset panels
E front accent panel with strip overlay
F back accent panel
G fence base   H fence overlay
I body base with hand shapes
J face   K head base/ears with eye contrast
L hat base, top contrast, band, buckle,
beard and forelock
M optional (cut as reversed) back hat
N flag array: letters, inner flags, base flags
O flag stringer
P pot shapes: base, rim, inner base, shamrock
Q coins base, 2 separate coins
2. Prepare both left and right base shapes and add ons
by bending in alternating direction at the vertical perforation 
lines of panels and end flange to form the "stacked"cascade forms
(shown here with add-on already attached) . . . 
. . . then attach the tall end add-on to the main shape
by overlapping the plain straight edge over the flange
to perf line with seam.
3. Position and attach the accent shapes as numbered
in the cut file onto the panels of cascade bases as identified
in the cut file, taking care that the panels are positioned
on front side or back side to be seen 
from the front of the card when the panels
are folded into finished positions as shown in the previous
image at beginning of step 2.
4. Slot the left and right cascade shapes together
in the inter-weaving manner shown here
from a similar cascade card design, then . . . 
. . . then push them together so that bottom straight edges
are aligned at the bottom.
6. Prepare the front accent panel by centering
and attaching the overlay strip.
7. With cascades in best flat and squared-up alignment,
position and attach the front accent unit across
and onto the front panel.
8. On the back of the cascades, position
and attach the back accent panel across and onto
the combined back panel.
NOTE: the front and back accent panels
assist to keep the cascades joined and in place.
9. Prepare the fence base by bending back
the side flange tabs.
10. Position the front fence panel onto the fence base
with top shaped edges offset and bottom straight
edges aligned, and attach in place.
11. Prepare the hat unit by positioning the top contrast
shape onto hat top with some edges aligned.
Position and attach the hat band, then the buckle.
12. Audition the final positioning of the leprechaun
body base, head base with eye contrast panel
in place, hands, and face, etc.
Position the body base behind the fence unit,
centered and with bottom straight edges aligned,
and glue in place.
13. Position and attach the face to the head base,
aligning curved edges that should match up.
Position and attach the eye contrast panel into
the head base recess.
Position and attach the beard over the lower portion
of the face, so that the face bottom edge is hidden,
and the beard is roughly "centered". 
14. Position the face/head/beard unit over the body
base head portion and glue in place, taking care
to leave the beard unattached near where the hands
will be tucked under . . .
. . . then position hands with edges tucked under beard.
15. Position hat over top of exposed face/head,
adjusting so that the brim curved edges abutt
at beard top edges, pausing . . . 
. . . to tuck the forelock under the brim edge,
then glue forelock and hat in place.
If desired, position the reversed back hat shape
behind the hat/body base shape to improve
the appearance of card if seen from the back.
16. Apply glue or adhesive to the face side of
each side flange of fence assembly, then
tuck the unit behind the second set of cascade
walls as shown here. Push the fence assembly
down to approx. 1/4" above the cascade bottom edge,
adjust to be centered, then apply pressure through
the layers so that the flanges attach to cascade walls.
17. Prepare the pot assembly by positioning
and attaching the separate coins on top of
the coin base.
Also position and attach the front pot shape,
rim and shamrock shaped onto the pot base.
18. Position and attach the coins unit behind the rim.
19. Position and attach the pot assembly onto
the front panel.
20. Prepare to assemble the flag banner array by
laying out the shapes, then . . . 
. . . layer inner flags and letters onto flag bases,
then attaching to the stringer.
21. Position the stringer punch ends over
the uprights so that holes align, and attach in place.
Here is the completed card, with cascades
spread forward so that it can stand for display.
Here is the completed card.

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