Monday, December 14, 2015

Candy Wide Dispenser Assembly Guide

Create a convenient dispenser for small items, 
including candy, notions, paper clips, cotton balls, and more. 
Build hull, with bottom shaped section that becomes 
the "bin door", "lid" that slides over the top (makes refilling easy), 
add top and bottom "end" shapes, then embellish 
with accent panels for hull, lid and top. 
Easier to build than it may appear. 

ASSEMBLY:  1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A box hull main with front and side accent shapes
B box hull back with back accent shape
D LID main with front and side accent shapes
E LID side/back with accent shapes
F drawer with front accent shape
G dispenser bottom (base) rectangle
H dispenser top with accent shape
2. Prepare the hull shapes by bending back at all perforations.
3. Attach the side panel to the main panel by overlapping
straight edge at corresponding side tab perf line.
4. Form the hull into a tube to bring the final straight edge
to overlap the opposite tab, and attach.
5. Bend the top flange tabs to the interior
and glue in place. (These reinforce the top edge
for strength.)
6. Prepare the LID main and side panels
by bending back at all perforation lines.
7. Join the LID main and side panels.
8. Form the LID into a tube to bring the straight
side edge to overlap the opposite tab, and join.
9. Bend the LID top edge tabs inward, apply adhesive
to tabs, then insert into the LID tube,
align perforation lines with wall top edges, and attach.
10. Attach the top panel to the top of the LID,
offset approx. 1/4" in from all edges.
11. Prepare the drawer unit by bending inward on all
perforation lines, including the tiny triangle
'tabs' at extension ends.
12. Insert the drawer 'rectangle' end section
into the bottom of the hull assembly so that it
'seats' into the bottom fully. . . 
. . . and so that bottom flanges square up appropriately,
and glue flange surfaces to drawer unit.
13. Bend side sections of drawer inward, and flex
as necessary to insert them one at a time 
into the hull box cavity.
14. Bend and adjust the hull box and drawer sides so that
the curved portion fits into the hull side slots.
15. Position the hull assembly bottom over the base panel,
center with the 1/4" offset margin all around,
and glue in place.
16. Complete dispenser assembly by fitting the
LID onto the hull.
(To attach all accent shapes, remove LID.)
17. Position and attach each accent shape
in its appropriate location.
NOTE that the HULL accent front, sides, and back shapes
should have TOP edges lined up at the upper hull edge,
except front drawer accent shape which should line up
with the bottom perforation edge of the drawer front.
LID accent shapes are offset with equal margins all around.
Here is the finished dispenser.

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