Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Peppermint Candy 3d Box

Cheery dimensional box with lid has 
wrapper-ends peppermint swirl candy decoration on the lid, 
and optional gift card holder insert on the inside. 
Measures approx. 4" wide x 5.75" long x 2" deep.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A LID main shape (includes 'T' tiny cut)
B LID boxing strips (include 'T' near top edge) (2)
C BASE main shape
D BASE boxing strips (2)
E decor shapes - offset base (green),
offset wrapper (cream stripe),
candy circle base (white)
red and green swirl shapes, white center
F optional gift card insert
2. Identify the LID main shape by the tiny 'T' shape
cut in one end.
Identify the boxing strips which are narrower
than the base strips. The tab ends which will be
attached to the LID main shape are those along the
edge marked with the 'T'.
3. Prepare the boxing strips by bending back on all
vertical perforation lines, bending all tabs back.
(NOTE that some of the vertical perf lines will be
 re-bent in the opposite direction to follow the contour 
of the LID main shape, as construction progresses.
4. Begin at one end of LID main shape, identify the longest
segment of one boxing strip (where 'T' is), then align
the LID main shape straight edge with the tab perf line,
adjust for end alignment, and glue in place.
5. Bend the boxing strip to align the next segment tab
with the corresponding straight edge of the LID,
and glue in place.
6. Continue in the same fashion to bend to align boxing
strip, adjust, and glue in place.
NOTE that for the 5 segment series that creates
the 'round' candy shape boxing, it may be helpful
to apply adhesive to all 5 as one process, then position
the first and the farthest of the five segments 
at their corresponding edges,
then adjust the in-between segments to fit.
7. When all of the segments from the first boxing strip
are attached, position the end tab under the end straight edge
of the first strip and attach.
8. Continue in the same manner to bend, align, adjust
each tab to fit and match the main shape edges.
When there is only one or two segments remaining
unattached, apply adhesive to those tabs and
at the same time to the end tab from the first strip.
Position the edges and end edge/tab at the same time
to join.
9. Bend each of the edge (rim) tabs under to the
LID inside and glue in place.
10. To build the BASE of this box, follow the same procedure
as in steps 3-7 above using the BASE main shape and
base boxing strips.
11. Prepare the LID decoration by layering and joining
the decor shapes listed in the layout.
12. Position the lid decoration assembly 
(offset slightly inward) onto the LID.
12. Prepare the card insert by bending all flanges back.
At the corner extensions, bend the end segments back
with the small top tab under the corresponding top surface edge
and glue in place.
(This will give the insert a little more platform stability.)
13. Place the insert into the BASE and push down fully.
(NOTE that this is a snug fit.)
14. To complete the 'gift', place the gift card ends
under the end tabs of the insert.
Place the LID over the BASE (snug fit).
Here is the completed peppermint candy gift card box.

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