Thursday, December 10, 2015

Gift Box Hidden Card Holder Assembly Guide

Disguise a gift card inside this simple form gift box card. 
Measures approx. 5.5" wide x 6.5" tall. 
"Lid" assembly (with dimensional bow and streamers 
held in place with tabs from wrapped-on knot) 
slides upward to reveal a "carrier" where a standard plastic gift card 
can be fitted. Then slide it shut and baffle your receiver. 

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card back/base    B interior built up layers (5)
C card front     D front ribbon
E lid slider base     F decorative lid backside
G slider build up layers (3)  
H slider lid front build up layers (2)
I decorative lid front
J bow    L bow 'knot' wrap with tabs
K bow streamers (folded)  
NOT SHOWN: M bow left streamer optional front
2. Layer and attach the box build up shapes one by one,
taking care to align ALL edges as exactly as possible.
3. Position and attach the build up layers onto the inside surface
of the (back) card base shape, taking care to line up the side
and bottom edges as exactly as possible.
4. Position the ribbon shape onto the center of the box front
using the tiny cut guide marks near top and bottom edges
to help.
5. Position and attach the box front onto the back/interior
assembly, applying adhesive only on the surfaces
that will touch, and matching side and bottom edges
as exactly as possible.
6. Prepare slider interior build up layers by
attaching the three shapes 
with edges lined up as exactly as possible.
7. Position and attach build up assembly on the
interior/back of the slider base shape,
taking care to line up edges.
Layer and attach the 2 H box lid build up strips
to the top area of the slider, then layer the
print box lid strip on top.
8. Prepare the bow loops by adding some curl
to the center area of each half.
9. Form the bow by bringing the ends together
to overlap the ends at the center, and glue in place there. 
(Use the slot cuts as guides.)
10. Prepare the 'knot' wrap shape by bending back on the two
perforation lines near the center, and bending forward
on the two single perf dashes near the tab bases.
11. Position over the center of the bow front,
wrap tab extensions toward the back . . .

. . . where the bends will come together. Glue the edges that touch
to the back of the bow, but do not glue the tabs to each other.
11. Bend the streamer shape back at the middle perforation.
(ALSO, check out the following image that shows
where the optional under streamer decor shape
can be added to the back streamer if your paper
has a backside that you prefer to cover to match.)
Glue the overlap area near the top/bend.
12. Insert the bow tabs through the streamer slot. . . 
. . .  as shown, then . . .
. . . insert tabs through decorative lid front shape,
bend each tab back and glue in place to secure bow to lid.
You may also wish to apply adhesive beneath the bow
around the slot/tab area.
13. Position and attach the lid front assembly
onto the top matching area of the slider.
14. To assemble the card, insert the slider bottom into
the channel visible at the top of the box assembly,
(insert the gift card now, if desired, or later) . . .
. . . then slide down fully, taking care to keep the
bow streamers out of the way.
Here's the completed gift box hidden card holder.


  1. I love this design, but where do the 2 H layers go?

    1. They are layered and attached - with the print box lid strip - to the top of the slider assembly; see the second part of Step 7.