Monday, December 7, 2015

Poinsettia Bouquet Box Card Tutorial

Ten tri-layered blossoms with mini-brad centers 
staged on three shaped bridges plus front 
create a Christmas bouquet. 
Six inch box card folds flat for sending, 
pops open into box form. 
Attach front tag "JOY" sentiment
with two mini brads or narrow ribbon bow.

ASSEMBLY: 1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A card base with accent front, side, back panels
B two-layer tag with 'JOY' word cutout
C bridge #3     D greenery accent shape bridge #3
E bridge #2     F greenery accent shape bridge #2
G bridge #1    H card front greenery accent shape
I poinsettia bottom petals ring (10)
J poinsettia middle petals ring (10)
K poinsettia top petals ring (10)
L individual leaves (12 total from 3 varied shapes)
M mini brads for flower centers (10)
2. Prepare the box base by bending back on all vertical
perforation lines between panels, and at tab.
Position and attach the front and side accent panels
offset within the perforation or edge-defined box base panels.

3. Form box into a tube to being the back straight edge
to overlap the opposite side tab at perforation. Adjust
to make sure that box bottom on both adjoining panels are even,
then glue tab in place.
Note that the gluing of the back side seam
can be assisted by flattening the box to apply finger pressure
along the edges being joined.
4. Position and attach the back accent panel
on the inside back box panel, with bottom edges even.
5. Prepare the back bridge (#3) by bending side tabs back.
6. Insert into the box interior between the two side panels,
position 1/4 of the distance between back and front panels,
adjust so it is perpendicular, and apply pressure to
attach tabs to inside box sides.
Before adhesive is "cured" completely,
flatten box assembly and apply pressure to the areas
where bridge side tabs are attaching. This will help the bridge
to "self adjust" to be able to be folded flat
(and likely will assist that the bridge is perpendicular and
evenly spaced in the interior cavity).
Repeat this flattening process after each bridge is
positioned and attached.
7. Assembly the ten blossoms by layering the three sizes
of petal swirls, aligning the center hole punch,
and rotating so that the petals offset attractively.
8. Use a mini brad to attach the two side blossoms,
then the two center blossoms on the front of the back bridge.
9. Position and attach four individual leaf shapes
behind the blossoms that have been attached.
10. Position (centered and with dome edges of each aligned)
the spike dome shape behind bridge #3 assembly
and attach.
11. Prepare, position and attach bridge #2 in the same fashion
as was followed for bridge #2 (step 6), placing it
1/3 of the remaining distance between bridge #3 and box front.
12. Follow the same procedure to attach three blossoms, 
two individual leaf shapes
behind bridge #2, then position and attach dome shape #2.
13. Position and attach bridge #1 in the same fashion,
placing it half way forward of bridge #2.
Attach  two blossoms,  three individual leaf shapes.
(There is no dome shape for bridge #1.)
14. Prepare spike shape for box front by bending
the tab back completely.
15. Position the tab behind the box front, with punch holes of each
16. Position and attach a single flower with brad at the hole punch.
17. Layer and attach/adhere the two-part tag and "JOY" word cut.
NOTE that two mini brads can be used, as was done with
this sample.
lace a length of narrow ribbon through both holes 
and tie a knot and bow instead.
18. Flatten and apply pressure as necessary
to ensure that the box card can be flattened.
Here is the completed box card
with it's holiday bouquet unfurled.

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  1. I purchased this design from the Silhouette store. Thank you so much for the clear tutorial. Hugs, Lena