Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Magi Pyramid Box

Commemorate the arrival of Magi "King" Melchior 
with his frankincense gift on  "Three Kings Day" January 6 (Epiphany) 
with this pyramidal, lidded box as a gift card or goodies container, 
or simply used as decor. 
Measures approx. 6" tall x 4" wide x 4" deep.
Coordinates with two other Magi bottle and chest designs.

ASSEMBLY:  1. Identify and cut the shapes:
A main base box front with attached bottom
B & D main base box sides
D main base box back
E decorative panels (and opening covers) (4)
F panel accent triangles and circles (one panel 
at left shows decorative shapes in position)
G lid main shape with accent shapes on top
H lid rim flange    I upper lid rim "brim"
J lower lid rim "brim" with slots for flange
1. Prepare main box shapes by bending back on all
perforation lines and tabs, except the horizontal perf line
that is parallel to the edge-nearest rim perforation line,
which should be bent outward.
2. Position the straight side edge of B side shape
to overlap the side flange tab of A front, adjust so that
top and bottom of side and tab match appropriately,
then glue together and secure.
3. Repeat the side seam construction to attach C back shape 
to B side, then D side shape to C in similar fashion.
4. Prepare the decorative panels by positioning
and attaching the five tall narrow triangles
with offset margins as shown. Add the punch dot circles
in the openings.
5. Position and attach the decorative panels
on B & D panels of the box assembly,
slightly offset from the perforation lines 
which define the box sides.
(The panels will be placed to cover the openings
later in the construction process.)
6. Bend the lower angle edges of each main box panel
to bring together the straight edge to overlap
the adjacent triangle tab, and glue in place.
Repeat for 7 angle seams across the bottom 
of the box assembly available to secure at this point.
7. Near the top of the box, bend the adjacent edges
to bring together the very short straight edge
and the adjacent tab perf line, and glue in place.
8. Form the box into a tube to bring together
the final side seam and glue seam. 
Also bend to attach lower short angle edge
and top very short edge.
Use the panel windows to help secure this seam
and those which follow, as necessary.
9. Bend the box bottom panel into position to align
edges with tab perforation lines, and glue in place.
To help secure the bottom seams, turn the box upright
on flat surface, and reach in through openings
to apply finger pressure along the three sides being joined.
10. Bend the top rim tabs to the inside
and glue in place.
11. Position and attach the final two accent panels.
12. Prepare the box lid by bending back on angled perforation lines,
and bend edge tabs upward.
Position and attach the arrowhead accents at point
corners with slightly offset margins as shown.
Position and attach the scallop accents,
centered side to side, with base edge lined up at
flange perforation line.
13. Bend to form a pyramid shape, bringing
the side straight edge to overlap the opposite
tab, and glue in place.
14. Bend the edge flange tabs "perpendicular" to pyramid walls.
Fit the upper rim "brim" over the pyramid to rest
on the flange tabs . . .
. . . and glue in place.
15. Prepare the lid flange by bending back 
on all perforation lines.
16. Bend the long tabs back and glue in place, 
except leave the end tab on the non-tab end unglued.
(This will be completed in step 18 below.)
17. Form the rim flange into a ring to bring the straight end edge
to overlap the opposite tab perforation line, and glue in place.
18. Fold the remaining edge tab back and glue in place.
19. Fit the flange tabs into the slots of the
lower brim rim . . . 
. . . then bend tabs toward center and glue
to the lower brim backside.
20. Position the backsides of the upper and lower
brim rims together to join hat assemblies, align edges,
and glue together, applying pressure all around to secure.
21. Position lid onto box by fitting lid rim over base
opening, with lid rim on the outside.
Here is the completed pyramid magi box.

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