Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas Patchwork Heart Card

Have fun selecting and assembling six 
of your favorite Christmas red paper prints 
as the patchwork of this angular heart. 
Assembly patches on a heart base, 
then position on the doily accent, 
then onto the 5x5 card base. 
Add the loopy thread shape threaded through 
the large needle shape over the heart, 
and the "christmas" word cut. 
Pair with the companion "envelope lacy 5x5 flap". 

ASSEMBLY:  1. Cut the shapes including
the heart patch base (cut the same as 
the lacy card front) upon which the
heart patches will be assembled prior to
being attached as a unit to the card front.
2. Position patch 1 (shown in place here)
and attach, taking care to line up outer edges
that correspond to the heart base shape as
accurately as possible at each step.
3. Position patch 2 above and along the left
edge of the heart base, aligning carefully
as described above, this time making sure
that the adjacent patch edges abut as snugly
as possible.
4. Position and attach patch 3, then . . .
. . . patch 4 . . .
. . . and patch 5 . . .
. . . and patch 6.
If using a liquid adhesive, it may be good at this
point in the assembly to press the heart unit
under a flat weight until it is dry, to prevent'
5. Position the heart unit onto the lacy card front,
centered, and with bottom tip approximately
at the top level of the bottom row of punch holes.
(Recommended: press again with weights until dry.)
6. Position the "christmas" word cut, centered
side to side, and also top to bottom between
the top row of punch holes and the top edge
of the heart.
7. Thread the "thread" shape end through
the needle eye, then position and attach
the thread and needle as a unit over the heart 
in your preferred position.
8. Position and attach the card front assembly
onto the front panel of the card.
(Weighting again is advised.)
Here is the completed card.

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